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[Yunyi classroom] application mode of campus radio intercom

1. Background requirements

campus radio is an indispensable infrastructure of the school, and the products of different manufacturers in the market also have autumn colors. Through market application, it can be seen that campus radio is not only a broadcasting function, but should be a combination of radio + intercom + campus security. In recent years, campus violence has made people sad I hope the participants can share their experience and achievements. I can't bear to witness these events. These events reflect that our existing campus security system needs to be improved, and we need a more efficient, flexible and reliable management method

Yun Yi pays special attention to the campus, so he independently develops a set of radio intercom system with effective management, flexible application, strong stability and acceptance by the majority of schools

2. Brief introduction of IP broadcast intercom

Yunyi IP broadcast intercom communication system integrates the advantages of many broadcast systems at home and abroad, complies with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T) and relevant standards of China's communication industry (YD), and integrates the design concept of IP Switch with the group's functions. The system integrates the most advanced computer software technology and VoIP audio and video technology, and has the functions of command, dispatching, broadcasting, intercom, shouting, alarm, plan, electronic map, unattended and so on. The system design is not only based on the national conditions, but also has unique advantages in technological innovation. It is an ideal new radio intercom product for the government, schools, petroleum, chemical industry, mining, smelting, transportation, electric power, public security, troops, coal mines and other special and large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions

3. Case application of campus radio intercom

scheme description

this figure is the overall application of radio in a school, and this project covers the application area of the school

office: intercom can be carried out, and broadcast can be received through telephone or stereo

Classroom: one button intercom can be carried out, and video linkage can be carried out through the camera. One button intercom triggers the video function, and the intercom picture can be clearly seen in the control room

principal's office: the principal can call all the phones below, check the status of each classroom, or initiate a meeting through the phone

security room: security guards can talk to each other at any time through hand-held intercom, and can also receive radio and intercom through telephone

Playground: operation room broadcast, which can play music, broadcast shouting, and play exercises between classes. The alarm column can trigger the alarm with one button, and can trigger video

dormitory: you can call and receive broadcasts with one key

campus broadcasting can be managed in a unified way, and the internal and external lines of the communication part can be opened. It is also the management and security system of campus. Video access, voice/video terminal access, effectively solve the rapid alarm of emergencies and on-site video access, understand the on-site situation, and conduct command and scheduling work

4. System characteristics


the system adopts standard SIP protocol 1 The utilization mode of recycled materials is the core, supporting the access of third-party equipment and interconnection with the existing IP communication system and IMS system, so as to realize the integration of multiple systems; The system provides SDK development interfaces to interface with third-party systems


a single system integrates functional modules such as communication server, broadcast server, recording server, consultation server, management server, etc; The unified console operation interface can complete, intercom, broadcast, video, alarm, remote control and other operations on an electronic map

efficient collaboration:

distributed deployment, by dividing multiple partitions and configuring multiple consoles, a single console can handle multiple service calls at the same time, and support the collaboration between consoles to improve the service efficiency of the monitoring center

5. Application advantages

communication integration and unified scheduling

centralized monitoring and comprehensive management

intelligent video and early warning plan

business closed-loop and intelligent operation

simplify maintenance and reduce costs

6. Product functions

intercom, call support intercom, call, hang up, monitor, forcibly insert, disassemble, whisper, transfer, shout and other call control functions; Support intercom to multi-party

broadcast whole area broadcast, divisional broadcast and multi-party broadcast. Support instant broadcast, timed broadcast and trigger broadcast; Emergency broadcast can interrupt all calls; The broadcast task can be controlled through the access number

meetings regional meetings, district meetings, multi-party meetings. Support conference invitation, removal, mute, unmute and other functions

one key alarm, key alarm and anti disassembly alarm. It supports real-time alarm notification, alarm confirmation, alarm cancellation, and alarm record query

unattended supports the unattended function, which automatically transfers when unattended. After going to work, you can cancel unattended with one key

video linkage monitors the terminal equipment environment in real time, and supports split screen; The dispatching desk can obtain effective data, image or sound information through it, and timely monitor and remember the process of sudden abnormal events

the electronic map displays the location and status of the equipment in real time in the company's plan, and can call, talk back, monitor and other operations on the equipment; When there is an alarm, the terminal will be highlighted in the electronic map

the plan can deal with the predicted events of terminal equipment accordingly; Support automatic trigger and manual trigger plan

vip priority call into the dispatching desk can set VIP priority queue

grab function dispatcher can choose any priority in the queue during the call

built in software. The client has built-in software to realize the collection and broadcasting function, and supports stereo mixing mode

7. The system page shows the landing interface:

operation interface:

system settings:

about Yunyi

Shanghai Yunyi Communication Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in the Expo branch of Shanghai Pudong Software Park, is committed to providing social enterprises and institutions with a full range of independently developed VoIP communication products. Including unified communication, intelligent call center, IP command and scheduling, cloud platform and other products and solutions

the company is a certified enterprise and key high-tech enterprise in Shanghai. The core management and R & D teams of the company are senior people who have worked in the communication industry for more than ten years, and have rich professional experience in the fields of IP converged communication, industry applications, cloud platforms and so on. The company's products make full use of the Internet and global IP interconnection environment to provide more comprehensive and professional service solutions than traditional businesses

since its establishment, the company has successfully provided communication solutions for tens of thousands of enterprises and institutions. Its ultra-high cost performance has won users with "but comprehensive customized services", so as to realize the loading of samples; the force measuring sensor is installed on the upper beam

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