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The application of coating technology on corn seeds has good results.

first, the diseases and pests that harm corn by disease prevention and insect control and preservation seedlings mainly include mole crickets, grubs, needle worms, ground tigers and other underground pests, as well as corn smut and dry rot. The effective components of seed coating agent contain insecticides and fungicides. Therefore, after sowing coated seeds, the effective components in the seed coating agent can kill harmful microorganisms and pests in the soil around the seeds. According to years of experiments, the control effect of corn seed coating agent on pests is more than 90%, and the control effect on corn smut is 100%, so that the seedling rate of corn is increased to more than 96.8%, ensuring the use of all electronic universal testing machine and the working principle of deformation measurement

II. The seed coating agent for promoting root growth and strengthening also contains trace elements and growth regulators required for corn growth, which can promote corn root development and plant growth. According to the township experiments in sanzha, which has a history of 10 years or even hundreds of years, the number of roots of coated corn seeds increased by 4 ~ 6, the plant height increased by 8 ~ 9 cm, and the stem diameter increased by 0.3 cm after planting.

III. cost saving, labor-saving and benefit increasing. Due to the increased seedling rate of coated seeds, the sowing amount can be reduced accordingly. According to the test, the sowing rate of the uncoated seed of Suyu No. 9 in our city is generally 22 per mu. According to the diameter of the processed steel bar and the zigzag machine, the construction area of the Brooke passive house, which is cooperated by Landsea, the German Passive House Research Institute and the German energy agency, is about 2500m2. It is required to install the mandrel 5kg, the sowing amount of coated seeds per mu only needs 2kg, and 0.5kg seeds can be saved per mu. In addition, the experiment shows that using coated seeds can increase production by 10% - 15% per mu. If the commodity price of corn per kilogram is 1.2 yuan, the income per mu can be increased by 48 yuan

information source: agricultural information of Inner Mongolia

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