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Moving towards the "ten billion output value of 100 enterprises", the nirvana regeneration of the valve industry presents new highlights

it has been five years since the "double 11" in 2014. After the nirvana of the valve industry, the nascent body thrives. The valve industry, which has experienced death and birth, has presented many new phenomena. The new contribution to the valve industry used to be 124 valve enterprises in the county, which are scattered in more than 10 towns and townships in the county. The average benefit per mu is low, and the environmental protection problem is prominent. It has been 5 years since the "double 11" in 2014. After the nirvana of the valve industry, the nascent body thrives. The valve industry, which has experienced death and birth, has presented many new phenomena

new contribution

in the former valve industry, there are 124 valve enterprises in the county, scattered in more than 10 villages and towns in the county, with low per mu benefits and prominent environmental protection problems. According to preliminary statistics, the annual cumulative tax contribution of the whole industry is no more than 30million yuan, and the per mu tax revenue hovers around 30000 yuan, which is far lower than the average level of the whole county, and the total tax contribution is less than 1/4 of a large enterprise in Wenxi

in today's valve industry, 33 of the 74 enterprises are above the designated size, accounting for 44.6%. In 2019, 7 valve enterprises are expected to be successfully on the designated size, and the proportion of Enterprises above the designated size will stand at 50%. According to preliminary statistics, the cumulative tax revenue of Enterprises above Designated Size in the valve industry exceeded 60million yuan, with an average tax revenue per mu increasing by 25% year-on-year, close to the 100000 yuan mark. The tax revenue of the whole industry is expected to exceed 150million yuan (including waste metal recycling). Qiubao valve has become the first valve enterprise in the city with a tax revenue of more than 10 million yuan. The valve industry is gradually becoming a new growth pole of the county's ecological economy

new relationship

the golden cup and silver cup are not as good as the people's reputation. The key to good reputation depends on whether the sky is blue, the water is clear, and the wallet is bulging. In the previous valve industry, the environmental protection facilities of enterprises were imperfect, environmental problems were prominent, and the industrial development caused certain damage to the environment, which had a great impact on the daily life of local people. More importantly, due to the "weak and ill health" of enterprises, some enterprises have the problem of salary arrears, and the pockets of local people have not swelled with the industrial development. The superposition of contradictions affects the development of new platforms and the introduction of new enterprises

today, valve enterprises that have experienced the baptism of industry regulation have restructured their relations with local people. The enterprise is well, and the salary has increased. According to preliminary statistics, the per capita salary of 33 Enterprises above the valve specification increased by more than 10% year-on-year in 2019; In order to retain foreign employees, some leading enterprises solve the accommodation problem of foreign employees by renting villager workshops, and the employee arrival rate has increased year by year. The local villagers' pockets are bulging, the consumption of employees is increasing, there are more small catering stores, the rent around has increased, and the buildings in the towns are higher. BASF China is greatly expanding the scope of R & D in the Asia Pacific region, and the construction of the three towns of the Ministry has accelerated. The development of the valve industry has effectively promoted the coordinated development of the first and third industries in the three towns in Central China

new enterprises

most of the former valve industry belongs to the industrial gradient transfer in Wenzhou. Although it has a development history of more than 40 years, what precipitated over the years is not "vigorous", but "weak and sickly". 2. Specify the friction coefficient. Most enterprises mainly produce all kinds of castings, with low land utilization rate, poor industrial supporting facilities, high homogeneity of products, prominent problems of price war in the industry, and bumpy road of industrial investment promotion

build a good nest and attract Jinfeng. Today, in the central part, the Five Star Industrial Park, Xiangcun Industrial Park in Dongyuan and Xuan Industrial Park in Gaohu have been built successively, and the land bottleneck that plagues the landing of enterprises has been solved; "Phoenix tour on the phoenix platform", the platform carrying capacity is improved, the Industrial Synergy is enhanced, the strength of leading enterprises is enhanced, and the industry is becoming more and more attractive. Following the ball leopard valve, a number of enterprises with strong strength, such as Huawei machinery and YUTE valve, have data to show that they have settled, becoming the new phoenix of Qingtian valve industry

new equipment

open the photos of valve enterprises in the past. The equipment in the workshop is old, the nameplate is fuzzy, and some enterprises are even using obsolete equipment. The automation level is not high, the production efficiency is low, the energy consumption problem is prominent, and the detection equipment and R & D platform in the whole industry are almost blank; In terms of technology, most casting enterprises are mainly concentrated in wax molds, sand casting, etc., mainly in semi-finished products, and lack of new products

new equipment brings efficiency, and new investment brings new products. Through continuous policy guidance, machine replacement and scientific and technological innovation have become the consensus of the industry. A postdoctoral workstation and four municipal enterprise technology centers have been built in the whole industry, and leading enterprises of machine replacement and integration of industrialization and industrialization such as Qiubao and Baoli have emerged. Entering the ball leopard laboratory, the testing equipment is complete, including three coordinate measurement. Scientists believe that almost every piece of plastic produced exists in a certain place in a certain situation, and the equipment such as machine is leading in China. With the brand, the standards are complete, and the confidence is sufficient. Qingtian valve enterprises have welcomed more orders from the world's top 500. Ruixing valve has become a qualified supplier of ExxonMobil. The annual supply of ball leopard valve to Cameron, the world's largest valve enterprise, exceeds 10 million yuan

Qingtian's valve industry has gone through more than 40 years and has survived the industry rectification period. We firmly believe that the valve enterprises after Nirvana regeneration will surely be able to go steady and achieve more new highlights, and finally achieve the goal of "ten billion output value of 100 enterprises"

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