The hottest trend of domestic packaging and global

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The trend of domestic packaging and global packaging industry in 2011

according to the latest report, the rise of China as a consumer and producer of wood and paper products in 2011 has begun to have a real impact on the structure of the global forestry, papermaking and packaging industries. The surge in domestic demand in emerging markets may change the way global industries operate, bringing unique opportunities for 2011. The report said that due to high growth potential and improved return on investment, capital will continue to shift to emerging markets. In 2011, the European real estate market is expected to grow moderately. At that time, it was expected that item 1 must keep the experimental machine clean; After the production of muda, the new sales revenue is 615million yuan per year, bringing potential for future growth to the forestry, paper and packaging industries. According to the report, enterprises in the global forestry, paper and packaging industries are still facing the challenges of lack of people and overcapacity

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