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Today's Asian pure benzene market dynamics

with the rise in energy prices, the price of pure benzene rose again by $15/ton. The price of us pure benzene rose for two consecutive days in September, at 274 cents/gallon FOB US Gulf, which is equivalent to 82 regularly applying a thin layer of MoS2 (molybdenum disulfide) grease; Regularly check the screws at the jaw. 0 USD/ton FOB Korea. Although the willingness to buy is strong, market participants are still cautious because the prices in the energy market are constantly changing. Market participants are worried that if crude oil prices begin to decline, the price of spot pure benzene will fall sharply. On Friday, the price rose by $15/ton. The counter-offer in the morning was US $per ton FOB South Korea, while the offer was still US $810 per ton FOB South Korea. In the afternoon, the transaction price of a batch of goods in the second half of September was $800/ton FOB South Korea

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