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Sun paper entered Guangxi, and the registered capital of the new company will reach 500million yuan

on June 26, Sun Paper announced that Jinan gold testing new fatigue testing machine said that there was a high performance price ratio. It plans to establish a wholly-owned limited company with a registered capital of 500million yuan in Tieshan port area, Beihai City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The company's name is tentatively determined as Guangxi Sun Paper Co., Ltd., and its business scope includes planting of forest molding characteristics, wood pulp Research and development, production and sales of paper and paperboard

Guangxi is the province with the largest planting area of artificial forests and fast-growing forests in China. The annual growth of forests, annual timber production and annual net increase of forest volume rank first in China, and the forest coverage rate of the whole region is 62.28%. Such abundant wood resources have created unique conditions for the paper industry

at present, the "Forest Pulp paper integration" project implemented by sun paper in Laos has begun to take shape. Beihai City, Guangxi is an important node city of the "the Belt and Road". The investment project of the proposed new company will integrate and complement the "Forest Pulp paper integration" project in Laos, which will help to build a complete raw material supply system, realize enterprise transformation and upgrading, and improve market competitiveness and sustainable development ability

sun paper said that on the basis of full investigation, research and scientific planning, the new company will combine the capital and technical advantages of sun paper with the rich forest resources in Guangxi and the logistics advantages of Tieshangang District, Beihai City, and plans to follow the "Forest Pulp paper integration" model to take a green, low-carbon and recyclable development path

at the same time, under the background of national development strategy transformation and upgrading and advocating "green GDP", the new company will make beneficial exploration on accelerating the development of paper industry to green industry, realize industrial transformation and upgrading, and actively apply emerging technologies such as digitalization, intelligence and intensification to build the proposed project into a world-class project with ecological energy conservation, low-carbon environmental protection and scientific and technological intelligence

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