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Sun paper: Laos' annual output of 800000 tons of packaging paper "new production capacity competition enters the commissioning stage by the end of this year

release date: Source: paper lianxun

two annual output of 400000 tons of packaging paper production lines of sun paper in Laos will be put into operation in the first quarter of 2021. The company strives to enter the commissioning stage of these two paper machines by the end of this year

on June 3, sun paper said that the COVID-19 had not had much impact on the implementation of the company's overseas projects, and the paper machine project in Laos is currently progressing smoothly

in addition, the 450000 ton special cultural paper project and the 70000 ton special paper project located in Yanzhou are expected to enter the trial production stage in November 2020. Sun paper said that the construction progress of the two projects in the spring, the relevant departments are formulating and improving the 276 working day capacity reserve system, reduction replacement and capacity trading system, coal minimum and maximum reserve system, medium and long-term contract system and abnormal fluctuation mechanism of coal price. After the holiday, affected by the COVID-19, with the strong support of Jining City and Yanzhou district governments, While doing a good job of epidemic prevention, the project builders of the company overcome many difficulties and overcome various adverse factors to actively promote the construction progress; At present, the implementation progress of each project has reached the original plan node of the company

Guangxi Beihai "Forest Pulp paper integration" project

Sun Paper Guangxi Beihai "Forest Pulp paper integration" phase I project checks whether the movement speed of the beam is normal. The items include 550000 T/a cultural paper project, 150000 T/a household paper project, and the supporting 800000 T/a chemical wood pulp project and 600000 T/a chemical mechanical pulp project. The construction period of the project is expected to be 18 months. At present, the company's project construction in Guangxi has been started successively. After the completion of phase I project, the company's Guangxi production base can form an annual production capacity of 550000 tons of cultural paper and 150000 tons of household paper

sun paper said that Beihai, Guangxi is an important node city of the "the Belt and Road", and the implementation of the company's Guangxi base is in line with the company's development strategy of actively docking with the national "the Belt and Road" initiative. Guangxi is the most convenient access to the sea in the southwest and even the northwest, and plays an important role in the economic exchanges between China and Southeast Asia. The company's Guangxi base and Laos base will integrate and complement each other, give play to strategic synergy, and highlight the advantages of the company's strategic layout. At the same time, the implementation of Guangxi base will be more conducive to the company's business expansion in Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and other regions, and effectively extend its market penetration in inland areas such as Guizhou and Sichuan, so as to enhance the company's influence in the southern market

commodity pulp market

the main raw material of sun paper is commodity wood pulp. The company believes that due to the uncertainty of the overseas epidemic, the global demand for commodity wood pulp may decline year-on-year. In the future, the supply and demand of wood pulp in the world will be in a relatively tight state. The inventories of coniferous pulp and broad-leaved pulp of global manufacturers are all at the highest level in history, and there is still a trend to continue to maintain. Due to the continuous high inventory of commercial wood pulp, the action force on pulp price is insufficient. It is expected that the price of commercial wood pulp will remain low and volatile for some time to come

with the development of the epidemic and the recent impact of natural disasters in various regions, sun paper said that overseas commercial wood pulp producers may be more negatively affected, and the increase in logistics costs will bring more uncertainties to the price fluctuation of commercial wood pulp

will benefit from the plastic limit policy

sun paper also said that the implementation of the national plastic limit policy will greatly benefit the market prosperity of packaging paper products in the industry, such as white cardboard and kraft linerboard, as well as the company's products in the field of packaging paper. In addition, the zero import quota of waste paper will increase the dependence on national waste. At present, sun paper has nearly 1.1 million tons of new fiber raw materials that can replace waste paper, and the overall quality is better than national waste, which will greatly enhance the market competitiveness of the company's packaging paper products in the future

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