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Sun high-end special paper: one project, two world firsts

in the second half of 2008, the world economic crisis caused by the U.S. real estate foam and financial derivatives leverage hit the world like a hurricane, Chinese enterprises were seriously impacted, and the paper industry suddenly encountered a cold winter. At present, the impact of the world economic crisis on the real economy has lasted for several months. Some enterprises collapsed in the crisis, and some enterprises maintained their lives by reducing production. In the case of poor market demand and sharp increase in product inventory, strengthening cost control and realizing economic standards for resource utilization have become the top priority to survive and equip the pendulum winter

If winter comes, can spring be far behind? When the spring breeze of Hexi blows across the land of China, sun paper, located in ancient Yanzhou, has towering tower cranes, and the scene is in full swing, the construction of high-end special paper projects of sun paper is in progress. Some people will wonder why Sun paper should invest in such a large project when so many enterprises complete the functions of pulling, pressing, bending, shearing, stripping, tearing, friction coefficient and change when they reduce investment and costs under the influence of the economic crisis? In adversity, challenges and opportunities often coexist. If you dare to challenge, opportunities will extend a friendly hand to you. If you are afraid, opportunities will let you slip through your fingers

sun people are a team of unity and hard work, brave and good at fighting. With sharp eyes and resourceful minds, they seized the opportunity of the price reduction of machinery and equipment, raw materials and materials under the crisis, creating another victory for sun paper, that is, the high-end special paper project of Sun Paper is the only new project in the paper industry under the global economic crisis. The high-end special paper project of Sun Paper (dynamic creep of Yanzhou Huamao Paper Co., Ltd. - creep division under variable load or temperature) includes paper making workshop and finishing workshop. The paper locomotive speed is 1600m/m i n, and the paper width is 7.28m, which can produce products with strong market competitiveness. The papermaking workshop is divided into pulping part, papermaking machine and rewinder. The equipment of the whole line is provided by Finnish Metso company, and the international advanced papermaking concept and automatic control system are adopted. Among them, the main equipment such as multi disc white water recycling machine, dilution water flow slurry box, double shoe press, type calender, etc. are the most advanced equipment in the world, which can improve product quality, save water and energy at the same time, especially the steel belt calender, which is used in the cultural paper project for the first time in the world, can improve the physical indicators such as the thickness, loose thickness and stiffness of the paper, and greatly improve the product quality and grade

the completed workshops include transit warehouses, paper cutters, automatic order wrapping machines, palletizing machines and drum packaging machines. The main equipment is imported from Spain and Germany, but the sensors adopted by Shanghai xinrenda Instrument Co., Ltd. are from the United States and Japan. The equipment and automation have reached the international leading level, and can cut and package various specifications of flat and drum paper. The high-end special paper project of sun paper industry has broken ground in March this year. At present, the civil work is progressing smoothly, and has reached the second floor. Everything is carried out in an orderly manner as planned. It is expected to be capped in July, equipment installation will begin in August, and put into operation in March 2010. Looking at the roaring machines and busy workers, I believe that tomorrow, a modern factory will rise

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