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NICU medical successfully held the training meeting of "fluke quality control Wanli trip - Guangdong Station"

on March 23, 2013, hosted by the education and Training Department of China Medical Equipment Association and the medical engineering branch of Guangdong Medical Association, and organized by fluke medical testing and Shenzhen NICU medical equipment Co., Ltd., the two-day fluke quality control Wanli trip Guangdong station training meeting was held in Guangzhou South Hotel

in order to implement the safety management specification for clinical use of medical devices (Trial) issued by the Ministry of health, cultivate a number of technical backbones engaged in the safety management of clinical use, strengthen the safety management level of medical devices, reduce the risk of clinical use of medical devices, and promote the construction of medical engineering disciplines in hospitals. Leaders, experts and technical engineers from more than 40 hospitals in Guangdong Province attended the training meeting

at the training meeting, Zhang Shousheng, director of Guangdong Provincial Department of health, delivered the opening speech, and emphasized the importance of quality control in hospitals. Wang Changshou, the Secretary General of China Medical Equipment Association, Meng Jianguo, and Xie Songcheng, the quality control center of Zhejiang Province, respectively sent a message that the equipment is in normal operation. Please do not install USB flash disk or unknown software on the computer of this equipment at will. The training class was opened. Xie Songcheng, the quality control center of Zhejiang Province, shared the experience of the construction of quality control center of Zhejiang Province, At the same time, Ms. Liang Yehua, the marketing manager of fluke medical testing, made a detailed analysis of the current situation of hospital quality control in China

the training session mainly focused on the quality control, safety, calibration and detection methods of ventilator, cardiac defibrillator, multi parameter monitor, infusion equipment, ionizing radiation, medical equipment General Electric, high-frequency electric knife, CT nuclear magnetic resonance. Leaders, experts and technical engineers from hospitals in Guangdong Province have mastered the importance of medical testing equipment maintenance and electrical safety control and quality control through on-site theoretical study and practical operation


Shenzhen Ritu Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., as the only designated agent of fluke medical instruments in South China, has been committed to providing excellent services that exceed the expectations of customers and the whole society. The successful convening of this conference marks the full launch of the sales and services of medical testing equipment in South China by Shenzhen Ritu Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Ritu Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. has a professional and high-quality service team. It holds several similar training meetings and technical exchange meetings throughout the country every year, and provides free door-to-door demonstrations and consulting services. It has served the industry for many years and is a large number of customers, For example, Shenzhen Mindray Biomedical Electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Metrology Institute, Shenzhou vocational and technical college, Jiangmen quality metrology supervision and testing institute, Shenzhen jinkewei Industrial Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc., are high-quality medical testing equipment suppliers

when a large manufacturer of Tongji south new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. is trustworthy, the enterprise operates a number of domestic and foreign products. 1. Product Overview: brand testing instruments and accessories. In the production, the enterprise should not only consider the product quality parts, but also the main products: ECG, blood oxygen, blood pressure, fetal heart and other patient simulators, ventilator/anesthesia machine analyzer, high-frequency electrosurgical knife analyzer, defibrillator/pacemaker analyzer, Infusion pump/syringe pump analyzer, medical electrical safety analyzer, X-ray testing system and accessory phantom. The customer groups are distributed in many fields: provincial and municipal measurement units, disease prevention and control (occupational disease prevention and control hospitals), provincial medical device testing centers, public hospital systems, medical device manufacturers, colleges and universities, research institutes, etc

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