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Sun paper builds a harmonious enterprise with Confucian culture

on October 31, 2009, Li Hongxin, chairman of sun paper, won the title of the first Chinese Confucian businessman at the first Chinese Confucian businessman release ceremony held in the auditorium of the CPPCC National Committee. At the release ceremony, the award-winning entrepreneurs collectively issued a declaration of integrity: gentlemen are enterprising and take the right way; Build a career with sincerity and create wealth; Be honest with yourself and gather talents; Take advantage of righteousness and cooperate sincerely; Develop business with faith and give back to the society

this declaration is also a reflection of the development of sun paper over the years. Sun paper is located in Yanzhou City, one of the ancient nine states, only 15 kilometers away from the hometown of Confucius and Qufu, the Oriental holy city. It is the main activity area of Confucius and Mencius, and the birthplace of Confucian culture. Under the infiltration of Confucian culture, sun paper has grown from an unknown paper-making enterprise to a world-class crack free manufacturer of high-end paper products

harmony is the basic principle of Confucian Economic Ethics. Pursuing harmony and valuing harmony is the unique way of thinking and the principle of dealing with interpersonal relations of Confucianism, and it is also the characteristic of Chinese traditional culture. Enterprises are the cells of society. Only when enterprises are harmonious can there be social harmony; Only by building a harmonious enterprise can we create a warm home for the whole society. In the course of more than 20 years of development, sun people have focused on building a harmonious enterprise and creating a century old sun

1 focus on improving democratic management and enhance the sense of ownership of employees

Confucianism takes benevolence as the highest moral standard. Confucius said: there is nothing more benevolent than love. The main purpose of benevolence is to love, and its essence is to be the same lover, care for people, and respect people. It advocates that the nature of heaven and earth is artificially expensive. In sun paper, enterprises are trees and employees are roots. Only by respecting and protecting the political rights of employees and improving democratic management can we continuously enhance the sense of ownership of employees

1.1 democratic rights are fully respected.

sun paper continuously strengthens democratic management by improving the workers' Congress and the system of making factory affairs public. All enterprise development decisions and the introduction of systems have been reviewed and approved by the workers' Congress. All matters involving the vital interests of employees have been decided by the workers' Congress, and the democratic evaluation of cadres and personnel transfer have been included. A general manager's mailbox and employee rights protection have been set up. A regular meeting of representatives of trade union members has been held once a month, and two to three workers' congresses have been held every year. The ideological trends, opinions and voices of employees have been uploaded and distributed, and solved in a timely manner, The right to know, the right to participate and the right to make decisions of employees are effectively guaranteed, and the enthusiasm and initiative of employees to consciously participate in enterprise management and decision-making are brought into full play

1.2 fair and reasonable economic distribution

fair and reasonable distribution mechanism is related to the construction of enterprise cohesion and centripetal force, the exertion of employees' enthusiasm and the continuous maintenance of work enthusiasm. According to the law of enterprise development, Sun Paper groped for and implemented the profit content wage distribution method. At the beginning of each year, the original post coefficient is adjusted reasonably after scientific analysis on the basis of extensive consultation with employees. At the same time, a collective wage negotiation mechanism and a flexible mechanism for the normal growth of employees' wages are established and improved, and employees' wages are paid in full and on time, so that employees in each position of the company can safely and happily devote themselves to their work and contribute their talents to the development of the enterprise. Now, the average annual income of the company's employees is between 25000 and 30000 yuan, and the employees' wages are paid in full and on time. In recent years, the company has never had a major group event or emergency due to labor and capital problems

1.3 interactive win-win labor relations

based on the signing of labor contracts by all employees, the equal negotiation and collective contract system have been improved, and the collective contract performance system and assessment and evaluation system have been established to ensure the effectiveness of the collective contract, so that the contract coverage and performance rate have reached 100%, and the employee satisfaction rate has reached more than 99%; At the same time, the health examination system for employees has been established and improved, and employees can enjoy full wages during special holidays such as home leave, marriage leave and funeral leave; In terms of the protection of female workers, an 18 month extra long maternity leave system has been formulated and implemented, and a certain amount of living allowance will be given every month during the leave

there is nothing trivial about the interests of employees, which is a word often spoken by the cadres of sun paper. In order to allow employees to eat affordable and delicious meals at work, the canteen is specially equipped with a dining car to deliver the meals to the employees; A college student who had just entered the factory for ten days pointed out several problems of the enterprise sharply. Chairman Li Hongxin read out his letter in person at the cadre meeting; Shortly after a small proposal for a grass-roots worker to establish a shed was submitted to the trade union office, the enterprise invested nearly one million yuan to establish a high-grade staff shed in each production plant

in order to solve the housing difficulties of employees, sun paper plans to build a beautiful and well-equipped Sun Garden community to solve the accommodation problems of employees; At the same time, the second phase of the sun garden city worker's residential quarter, with a total investment of 300million yuan and a total construction area of 200000 square meters, was opened in May 2009. Many workers' housing dreams and car dreams have become a reality in sun paper

2 focus on the construction of enterprise culture and meet the spiritual and cultural needs of employees

enterprise culture is the soul and spiritual pillar of an enterprise. Only by carrying out extensive and in-depth enterprise cultural activities can we meet the spiritual and cultural needs of employees at different levels

2.1 strengthen the safety of employees and protect their physical and mental health

safety is the greatest welfare of employees. The company always regards safety work as the life project of the enterprise, and has specially established the safety committee and the safety supervision and dispatching office, which adhere to the organic combination of strengthening the double base construction and the construction of safety and quality standardization. At the same time, the company withdraws the safety production funds according to the relevant regulations, continuously increases the work and training, establishes and improves the safety production system, implements the safety production control system at all levels, and actively carries out the four mutual and Ankang cup competitions, Gradually extend the tentacles of work to teams and posts, and put an end to all kinds of safety accidents

2.2 care about the well-being of employees, and take multiple measures to concentrate.

accommodation, culture and entertainment of employees have always been our major concern. It can be said that the company's care for employees has extended to all aspects of employees' work and life. Every year, the company carries out activities to send cool air to the grass-roots level during high temperature, and timely distributes heatstroke prevention supplies; In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, in addition to holding sports activities, sending literature and art to the grass-roots level, Spring Festival Gala, etc., a series of enterprise cultural activities with the theme of creating a harmonious sun have been launched this year, and remarkable results have been achieved. Starting from bit by bit, we are concerned about the well-being of employees, and employees have also shown a high degree of loyalty to the enterprise. Over the years, the staff of sun paper has been very stable, and basically there is no brain drain and job hopping

2.3 improve the security system and increase the intensity of caring for employees

the company adheres to the rule of virtue, establishes three funds, namely, enterprise public reserve, incentive reserve and poverty relief and emergency rescue funds, and timely pays social endowment insurance and accidental injury insurance in full for employees in accordance with the law, completely solving the worries of employees. At the same time, the four clear and four in place activities have been carried out in depth, that is, the staff contact is clear, the family address is clear, the family status is clear, and the ideological status is clear; Employees have been visited when they are sick, helped when their families are in difficulties, visited during the festival, and congratulated on red and white events. The company takes the initiative to care for and understand the lives and difficulties of the staff and workers, and the return is to condense the hearts of the people. In recent years, the staff and workers have put forward more than 2100 rationalization suggestions, with an annual economic benefit of more than 36 million yuan

3 set up a platform for the all-round development of employees by focusing on the quality training that employees just want to propose and discuss with everyone.

Confucius believed that: the nature of heaven and earth is human, so governing the country should be based on enriching and educating the people. Over the years, sun paper has attracted talents from all over the world with its broad mind, forming a virtuous circle pattern in which talents live and enterprises thrive because of talents

the company has established close cooperative relations with more than 20 colleges and universities and scientific research institutions. With superior conditions, generous treatment and broad platform, the company has introduced excellent talents at multiple levels and in an all-round way, realizing a win-win situation for enterprises and talents. In recent years, the company has introduced 3 academicians, 18 doctors and more than 600 professional and technical talents. At the same time, the company has continuously strengthened staff training, established academician workstations and post doctoral scientific research workstations, and established staff training schools, which has comprehensively improved the overall technical quality and professional level of the cadre and staff team, and thus formed a good atmosphere of love and dedication, self pressure, hard work and dedication, and striving for first-class in the company

3.1 strengthen theoretical study and improve comprehensive quality

the company adheres to the theoretical study of employees all year round, has invited more than 20 domestic well-known experts and scholars to teach in enterprises, organized 130 people to participate in enterprise development seminars and high-level training, and selected more than 1000 people to further study in Colleges and universities. A special shelf for sun paper books has been set up in Yanzhou library, and borrowing cards have been handled for employees, encouraging the combination of political learning and production and management, and constantly improving political quality and professional skills. The company organizes large-scale skill contests and skill demonstration activities every year, and learning and technology comparison are becoming common in the company. The Party committee of the company holds a training course on party affairs knowledge for about one week every year, inviting leaders of the Organization Department, publicity department and Discipline Inspection Commission of the municipal Party committee to give lectures in the enterprise for many times, and all senior executives at home participate in the study. At the same time, the grass-roots management personnel shall be trained in batches and classification rotation, and the key personnel shall be trained to achieve the general loading rate. If the loading rate is too fast, the measured force value will be too large for the staff to understand and jointly participate in the implementation of the goals, so as to deeply tap the potential, value, innovation and wisdom of the staff, so as to combine everyone's ideals with the development goals of the enterprise, and combine personal needs with the needs of the enterprise

3.2 strengthen the system construction, improve the incentive mechanism

formulate and implement the Interim Provisions on Sun Paper education and training, and form a three-level learning network with the training school as the leader, the branch company as the main body and the team as the support, so that all employees can consciously learn, be good at learning 2 silicate mud and ordinary portland cement, and keep learning, so as to realize the whole staff, the whole process and all-round learning, and build a training, assessment, use The operation mechanism of combining treatment. At the same time, with the help of national policies, we have vigorously promoted the vocational qualification certificate system, vocational skill assessment and appraisal and employment access system, and actively promoted the construction of professional and technical personnel qualification system. Now, a total of 236 people have obtained intermediate and senior professional and technical titles, and 360 gold and blue collar technicians have obtained labor vocational skill appraisal; 186 technical elites and 224 technical backbones of the company are evaluated and employed, and the advanced collectives and individuals emerging in the innovation and competition activities are collectively commended and rewarded every year. A cascade training system for skilled workers at the junior, middle, senior, technician and senior technician level and a system combining training, identification (assessment), use and treatment have been initially established. A scientifically classified talent evaluation standard guided by ability and performance has been formed in the enterprise

3.3 make use of educational resources to create a new learning platform

set up a company training school and internship operation place, equipped with training hardware facilities and special teaching management personnel, and specially hire senior education experts as training consultants, including training

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