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Sun paper plans to build a 300000 ton light paper reconstruction and expansion project of 850million yuan

[China Packaging News] Sun Paper announced on the evening of May 14 that the company plans to implement a 300000 ton light paper reconstruction and expansion project in the headquarters. The total investment of the project is expected to be 850million yuan. After the project is completed, it is expected to produce 300000 tons of high-grade light paper and other products, such as Zhao Yu's products, achieve an annual sales revenue of 2billion yuan (including tax), and a total profit of 136 million yuan, The construction period of the project is 18 months

it is understood that after the project is put into operation, it will mainly produce high-end light paper (light offset paper). Light paper is a kind of more humanized paper, which is widely used in education, culture and publishing industries, as well as copying, printing and writing. The main characteristics of light paper are light weight, good texture and loose thickness, easy to print, easy to carry and read; Due to the use of primary colors and no fluorescent brighteners, it can protect readers' eyesight from damage

in addition, the project adopts advanced technology and takes high-quality wood pulp as the main production raw material. The proportion of wood pulp includes chemical coniferous pulp, chemical broad-leaved pulp and high yield chemical mechanical pulp. The project has reached the current international advanced level in terms of raw material proportion, equipment selection, process flow and production process parameters, and has also adopted designs that meet national standards in terms of environmental protection, safety, energy conservation and so on

the company said that the implementation of the project will further increase the proportion of the company's high-end products and enrich and diversify the company's product series. In addition, the project will adopt advanced and clean production technology and equipment, and use the supporting project of 1 paper industrial park to reduce the production cost of products. The structure is reasonable, compact and convenient for maintenance and disassembly, so as to further enhance the market competitiveness of the company and ensure the sustainable development of the company

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