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Sun paper: create an ecological chain for the development of green paper

Shandong is the birthplace of Confucian culture; Yanzhou sun paper is the successor of paper

because of Confucianism, we have been brilliant for thousands of years; We have been proud of paper for thousands of years

for history and times, the existence of sun paper industry is not only a continuation, but also a new transcendence

between the red sun and the white of sun paper, there is a green book note, which is the color of blue sky and clear water. The four seasons have been reincarnated, the sun and the moon have been reincarnated, and love has also been reincarnated. To give blue sky and clear water is the eternal promise of Sunman

in the hot summer full of vitality, we entered the sun paper industry with clear water and blue sky, chasing a distant resounding. Because of billions of years of silence, we finally heard the echo of civilization from the abdominal cavity of ancient Yanzhou history. That is the pace of the sun going to sea. Just as civilization cannot be separated, China's papermaking technology has crossed the Alps and Gangdise mountains and changed the civilization history of human society

sun paper has also become unstoppable due to its connection with civilization. This is the civilization of the sun, so when it rises from ancient Yanzhou, it no longer belongs to the plateau, sea, snow mountains and desert. It belongs to the sky, to every drop of dew that reflects its brilliance, and to a broader future than the sky

Li Hongxin, chairman of sun paper, is a deputy to the ninth and Tenth National People's Congress

Li Hongxin, the national model worker and President of the paper industry chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, who shoulders the heavy responsibility, regards environmental protection in the plant area as a life project

for more than ten years, Li Hongxin and sun paper have spared no expense in pollution control. Sun paper has always focused on environmental protection as a life project. In recent years, a total of nearly 1billion yuan has been invested in pollution control. The wastewater treatment level has reached the highest standard in the industry, and has passed the ISO14000 environmental system certification; At the same time, actively introduce the concept of circular economy, implement cleaner production, and change the resource-based and energy-saving way from end-to-source control, which has achieved multiple wins in environmental, economic and social benefits

in September 1996, Li Hong's credit hammer smashed the site of the acid precipitation lignin water treatment facility with an investment of 2.58 million yuan, and many old employees still have fresh memories. Acid precipitation lignin water treatment technology was a common technology used in papermaking pollution at that time. Some people argue that this set of equipment can be used for at least a few years, and it is not too late to smash it when it gives full play to its benefits. Facing the ideological knots of some employees, Li Hongxin said: in terms of environmental protection, we can't be afraid of spending money, and we can't be a little late. The economic development of sun paper must not be at the cost of environmental pollution! At the insistence of Li Hongxin, all the water treatment facilities of acid precipitation lignin were demolished and replaced by the water treatment equipment of alkali precipitation lignin with more advanced environmental protection technology

the environmental protection goal of Sunman has always maintained a zero distance with the world's advanced technology. Li Hongxin is well aware that after hundreds of years of exploration, paper enterprises in some developed countries have summarized a set of relatively perfect environmental protection measures. Learning from the path taken by these successful enterprises can save many detours. Some seemingly huge investments are actually the most economical because of their long-term and stable benefits

on the basis of huge investment in early treatment, the alloy wear-resistant washing corrosion strength testing machine of sun Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. continued to implement the further improvement project in the situation of sliding friction, and built four sets of sewage treatment facilities with extraordinary strategic vision, so that the environmental protection indicators of sun paper reached or approached the international level

promote paper with forest, raise forest with paper, and rely on paper forest. When you enter the sun paper industry, which is evergreen in all seasons and fragrant in three seasons, the plant is picturesque, and the tall and straight trees and bright flower beds are weaving the most selfless feelings of the sun people. This is the harmony between man and nature, the harmony between the beauty of humanity and the beauty of development

over the past few years, sun paper has made great efforts in sewage treatment and water conservation, and achieved remarkable results. Within the enterprise, adopt nearby treatment, graded treatment and graded use, that is, before pretreatment, reuse in different sections nearby according to different water quality and different reuse requirements, and then treat a small part of the surplus water, so as to minimize the cost of treated water

at the same time, one of their unique skills is to link the water use index with the income of employees and enhance the awareness of water conservation. Now, the water consumption per ton of paper in sun paper industry has decreased significantly

today, Jining Municipal Party committee and government in Shandong Province are learning from the spirit of Northern Jiangsu and promoting Jining to leap forward. Sun paper actively responds to the call, and on the basis of achieving an annual sales revenue of more than 10 billion yuan, it has formulated a goal of achieving a sales revenue of 20 billion yuan in three years

sun paper has always focused on environmental protection as a life project, established a full-time environmental protection management, environmental protection research and development and cleaner production management organization, and has spared no expense in the construction of environmental protection facilities and the introduction and research and development of new technologies for environmental protection management. It has invested more than 1 billion yuan to form an environmental protection treatment system in the paper industry with reasonable process, standardized operation, rich capacity and more advanced technology, From the implementation of the discharge standard of water pollutants for paper industry in Shandong Province to the current comprehensive discharge standard of water pollutants along the South-to-North Water Transfer Project in Shandong Province, the COD of the discharged wastewater is lower than 100mg/l, which is far better than the national standard

the water treatment facilities in the South plant area of sun paper mainly include a set of 10000m3/d and a set of 20000m3/d paper machine white water flotation and a set of 30000m3/d and 26000m3/D biochemical water treatment facilities. After pretreatment and physicochemical + biochemical secondary treatment system, the COD of wastewater is about 100mg/l, and the discharged wastewater is stable and up to standard

the sewage from the North plant of Taiyang paper mainly includes paper machine white water, grass washing wastewater, cooking black liquor, and middle stage wastewater. On the basis of meeting the discharge standard of water pollutants for paper industry in Shandong Province (db37/) (cod380mg/l), the company has invested a lot of money to further implement the advanced treatment project of wastewater. The COD concentration of wastewater is about 100mg/l after pretreatment, Anaerobic + aerobic + dosing and coagulation treatment by using the German BlackRock treatment process. The COD of effluent water quality is maintained at about 80mg/L

in order to strengthen the structural adjustment of the original 20000 ton wheat straw pulping production line of Xinglong branch, a set of physicochemical + biochemical treatment system with a daily treatment capacity of 12000 tons has been built on the basis of the original sewage treatment facilities to treat the white water of the paper machine. The waste water that meets the standard after treatment is discharged into the Sihe River after being approved by the Sihe management office and confirmed by the economic and social Nanjing Environmental Protection Bureau. According to the requirements of the national, provincial and Jining Environmental Protection Bureau, sun paper industry has installed monitoring facilities, which are managed by qualified operating units. At the end of 2007, it passed the environmental protection acceptance of monitoring facilities organized by Jining City, and the superior competent department can monitor the enterprise's pollution discharge in real time

implement circular economy and promote cleaner production in enterprises. Sun paper company is constantly exploring in the implementation of circular economy and promotion of cleaner production, and has found a road suitable for the sustainable development of enterprises. In 2003, the enterprise implemented the ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and completed the cleaner production audit in 2005, and obtained the cleaner production audit class a certificate, completing the transformation from the original end treatment to the source comprehensive control. New technologies and processes are adopted in the production process to strengthen the control of the whole production process, which greatly saves water resources and reduces the production cost. The reuse rate of water has increased from the initial 40% to more than 80% now, and the water consumption per ton of paper has reached the international advanced level. Sun paper also further degraded the reclaimed water for reuse, agricultural irrigation, greening and landscape water in the plant

for the new 100000 ton mechanical ground wood pulp production line this year, they have planned the goal of zero emissions. The waste water is evaporated and burned in a high-pressure alkali recovery furnace, and the heat generated is used for power generation, so as to truly save water and energy, and make resources and energy do as much work as possible without waste, so as to achieve zero emissions. It is understood that at present, the application of this technology is the first in the domestic sun paper industry

due to its achievements in environmental protection, sun paper was awarded the pilot enterprise of circular economy and the environment-friendly enterprise of Shandong Province by the Shandong provincial government

industry serves the country

Li Hongxin vowed to do the best of the enterprise from the day he founded sun paper

Li Hongxin took over the paper mill in 1982. In the initial stage of the enterprise after several closures and ups and downs, people did not expect that 20 years later, sun paper has developed into a large-scale national joint-stock enterprise integrating papermaking, chemical industry, foreign trade, electric power, scientific research, forest paper and investment. The annual production capacity of the enterprise has reached 2million tons, becoming one of the largest private papermaking enterprises in the country and the largest production base of high-end coated packaging paperboard in the country

at that time, Li Hongxin was only looking forward to selling a mountain of products, just looking forward to making a living for more than 30 old guys who started a business together, only looking forward to the dilapidated constant speed test, cycle test, programming test and other only two devices running normally for an extra hour, just looking forward to

and today, Li Hongxin doesn't have to worry anymore, Orders for products from all over the country are flying like snowflakes every day. More than 200 business personnel in 17 overseas offices are busy every day. Transportation vehicles loaded with sun paper products are constantly starting from the gate of sun paper and heading for five continents. On March 29, 2007, the 2006 Shandong financial billboard award ceremony was held in the studio of QiLu TV station, Li Hongxin attended the grand ceremony together with nine other Shandong financial figures. Due to his outstanding performance in 2006, Li Hongxin was elected as the man of the year in Shandong finance and economics in 2006 by a high vote. Only 10 people in the province won this honor

at the award ceremony, Xu Xiaoman, assistant dean and professor of the Economic Research Institute (Center) of Shandong University, asked Li Hongxin: sun paper is not only the largest production base of high-end coated packaging paperboard in China, but also the largest private paper enterprise in China. Which one do you care about

I pay more attention to the largest production base of high-end coated packaging paperboard in China, because it reflects the core competitiveness of enterprises, Li Hongxin replied

over the years, our enterprise has adhered to the development strategy of high quality, precision and specialty, and taken the road of product differentiation development. Sun paper has been focusing on the research of coated paperboard in recent years. At present, coated paperboard ranks first in China in terms of product grade, output and market share. The company's self-developed high-grade coated film coated cigarette card paper has filled the domestic gap. Next, we will strive to be the world's largest production base of high-end coated packaging paperboard

Li Hongxin's sonorous words won thunderous applause from the people present and the audience. The reason why Li Hongxin dares to talk so big is that he has already known it

sun paper is the largest production base of high-grade coated packaging paperboard in China, with a production capacity of 750000 tons of coated white paperboard and white paperboard. In 2006, the output was 1.19 million tons, and the sales revenue was 7.03 billion yuan. It is the first brand in China, with the first market share; At the same time, sun paper holds 30% equity of Dongguan Jianhui, with a production capacity of 600000 tons. plus

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