The hottest sun is out, and the followers of BICES

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The sun came out, and the followers of BICES booth were even more enthusiastic about drawing the prize

the sun came out, and the followers of BICES booth were even more enthusiastic about drawing the prize

www.63 invite well-known scholars and discipline leaders from Tsinghua University, Peking University and other universities, China Construction machinery information

today's Shanghai finally bid farewell to the rainy days, and it has been almost a week since I came to Shanghai, and finally saw the sun and blue sky of Shanghai. The cold drizzle and the cold rain mixed together as soon as we arrived and withdrew the hall two days ago. The cool wind made us hunchback. The beautiful scenery of Shanghai in front of us was covered by the night. This is the state of BICES people these days. Presumably, it is also because the production technology of high-end flake graphite, the raw material of graphene production, was monopolized by foreign countries, which is the new normal state of exhibitors and visitors in these two days

but it's all gone. Counting the warm winter sun, just look at today. Why only look at today? Because the weather forecast says that there will be east wind and breeze tomorrow. It's not uncommon. The key is to have two showers, one shower and one light rain. Because it's not tomorrow, I don't know how long the shower and light rain will last, but fortunately it's not always raining. Another good news is that the temperature is higher than today. The lowest temperature increased by 50% year-on-year, and the highest temperature increased by 33.33% year-on-year. That is to say, today is 9 degrees to 6 degrees, and tomorrow is 12 degrees to 9 degrees. This data was just checked at 9:50 p.m

today, the BICES booth is still busy. The two female compatriots in the booth have been busy these days. They haven't eaten lunch for several days. It's really hard. At the critical moment, women are not inferior to men, but the men and women who receive the award in the photo take their time. Don't crowd the booth. Everyone has a share

after turning around, I found that our neighbor's fighting nation Hala Shao also participated in the lottery war. In Russian, it's impossible to be proficient in every sentence. Hala Shao still knows a little bit. Finally, Hala Shao with help successfully drew a second prize exquisite tie. Of course, with the help of Hala Shao's own translation on the left, because he only knows a Hala Shao, and every sentence is two, he naturally doesn't understand it

after a busy day today, men feel the limit of their physical strength, not to mention women compatriots, especially Ms. Zhao Qing, director of the General Department of the exhibition company and head of the design competition project, took the lead. I believe that many people who have passed the BICES booth these days can feel her work enthusiasm, like a fire in winter, which warms our hearts

it's hard work to work in the construction machinery industry. Finally, I salute all the female compatriots in the construction machinery industry. Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for your company in the construction machinery industry

by the way, today's award Xiaomi power supply, as well as the second prize belt, tie, bracket, and the third prize clothes, key chain, hat, pen have been emptied. Alas, it's not that the prize is not prepared enough, but that people in the industry pay so much attention to BICES and their peers. It's strange to make a deep review and reflection. But there's still a small tape measure. Welcome to BICES booth n tomorrow

in fact, gifts and prizes are small things. The most important thing is to bring first-class value services to BICES' followers. This is also the foundation of BICES' efforts to complete the tensile, compression, bending, high elongation, folding, shearing and other mechanical properties experiments of samples, such as polymer materials, and to build a value exchange platform for the full value industrial chain

finally, tomorrow is the last day of the exhibition. Don't miss it if you pass by! Welcome to BICES booth for face-to-face communication. We are waiting for you

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