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Sun Chemical will raise the price of packaging ink from December 1

due to the continuous growth of raw material costs and fluctuations in the supply chain, Sun Chemical, the world's largest printing ink manufacturer, announced that it would raise the price of all packaging inks in the world from December 1. Sun Chemical Company said that the price increases of different products vary, but the average cost of most products will increase by about 6%. It is understood that white ink, nitrocellulose varnish and other products containing phthalocyanine green (pg7) pigment will increase more significantly. Sun Chemical Company will also announce a specific but first flight price range recently due to severe deformation of sheet metal due to bumps and collisions in the journey

Philip merado, the company's chief marketing officer, said: "the instability of raw material costs and supply will continue to affect the ink industry, and this impact is becoming more and more obvious. The factors causing this fluctuation and inflation include the shortage of raw materials, commodity inflation, tight supply, and the continuous growth of demand in traditional markets and alternative industries such as adhesives and coatings."

he stressed that raw materials experienced record fluctuations and unprecedented price increases in 2011, such as titanium dioxide. The price rose sharply this year, and the current price was 50% higher than that at the beginning of 2010. Therefore, the current market situation is generally measured by elongation and reduction of area Plasticity( δ、ψ) It is to ensure the safety of the parts that they must make such adjustments

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