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China Packaging Federation held a seminar in Kunming and Qiu he attended the meeting yesterday, the new generation of information technology industry of China packaging industry should focus on strategic and leading industries such as software, integrated circuit, new display, cloud computing, big data, virtual display, green computing, artificial intelligence and intelligent hardware; The new material industry should strive to break through the integration of a batch of advanced basic materials such as advanced steel materials and petrochemical materials urgently needed in key utilization fields, and make the measurement resolution increase by four times. The vice president of the association and the executive chairman of the association held a briefing in Kunming

Qiu He, member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee and Secretary of Kunming municipal Party committee, attended the meeting

at the meeting, China Packaging Federation 6 Adopting advanced control technology, the Federation conducted in-depth research, analysis and Discussion on how to further develop the packaging industry, summarized the recent work achievements of the Federation, and arranged tasks for the next stage. The person in charge of the Management Committee of Kunming Guandu Industrial Park introduced the planning, management and investment promotion of Kunming International Packaging and printing industry base to the participating entrepreneurs, and sincerely invited the entrepreneurs to develop the packaging industry in Kunming. On the same day, China Packaging Federation also awarded the title of China packaging and printing industry base (Kunming) in Guandu District, Kunming, and absorbed Kunming International Packaging and printing industry base as a group member

shiwanpeng, President of China Packaging Federation, and representatives of 31 well-known domestic packaging and printing enterprises attended the briefing

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