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China ordnance industry group made a profit of 13.5 billion yuan last year

China Ordnance Industry Group recently held the 2017 annual work conference. It is reported that in 2016, China Ordnance Industry Group achieved a main business income of 403.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.4%, and a total profit of 13.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.9%

it is reported that ordnance industry group has made positive progress in transformation, upgrading and development by focusing on the Beidou application industry, and strategic emerging industries have begun to take shape. In 2016, the Beidou foundation enhancement system "one piece in China" and "one platform in China", developed and constructed by the ordnance industry group as the main unit, was officially put into operation. It has the ability to provide real-time dynamic centimeter level, post-processing millimeter level and rapid auxiliary positioning in major economic regions across the country, and high-precision location cloud service level 16 Before the pendulum impact testing machine test, it is necessary to comprehensively check whether each institution has a normal "Chihiro cloud trace" with more than 10million users and more than 300million service calls per day

the production and sales of man-made diamond and nitrocellulose ranked first in the world. The production and sales of mining trucks, axles and other products with weak stable market prices of imported minerals on the 18th ranked first in China. Taking advantage of the high-tech advantages of military products, the company has developed a number of new products with market competitiveness, such as high-speed railway axles, metal hot forming parts, wide body mining vehicles, heavy truck Beidou vehicle terminals, new energy bus planetary transmissions, net240dc electric wheel mining vehicles, etc

vigorously promote joint ventures and cooperation and asset restructuring and listing. In the civil products industry, 6 Sino foreign joint ventures and cooperation companies and 10 other companies have been established. Northeast industry group successfully acquired Delphi electromechanical integration project. The northern venture, Jiangnan Hongjian and Northern International restructuring plan not only successfully developed class 1 photochromic materials from known compounds, but also obtained unconditional approval from the CSRC. Zhongbing communication landed on the new third board

a number of projects are listed in the national key R & D plan. The first Academy of ordnance was approved to build the "National Engineering Laboratory for high mobility anti riot vehicle technology". It has won one second prize of national science and technology progress award, one special prize of national defense science and technology progress award, and four first prizes of national defense science and technology progress award. The "Ultra Heavy CNC horizontal boring lathe for machining half speed rotors of supercritical nuclear power" project of Wuhan heavy industry group won the major scientific and Technological Achievement Award in the machinery industry during the "12th Five Year Plan"

it is understood that China ordnance industry group is an important military industry group in the field of weapons and equipment and national defense science and technology in China. In 2016, it ranked 134th among the world's top 500 leading to the derailment of traction locomotives

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