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China Mobile will increase WAPI customization for its three-level power TD terminals. "It is expected that 150 types of TD terminals will be added this year." In terms of TD, China Mobile must understand the development direction of all these processing technology terminals. He Zhili pointed out that China Mobile will provide various TD terminals according to customer needs in three major markets: individual, industry and family

it is understood that in the personal market, terminals mainly include, G3 browser, data card and Shangben terminals; In the home market, it mainly includes wireless landline, monitoring 588.4, information machine, sip, etc; In the industry market, it mainly includes office wireless landline, M2M and other terminals

it was revealed that China Mobile had previously released the "full service competitive market development strategy" internally, in which it said that China Mobile would increase its support for medium and low-end, especially for low-end intelligence

"this year, China Mobile will increase the customization scale of CMMB functions on TD-SCDMA, focusing on the customized CMMB requirements of TD at low prices." Hezhili pointed out that China Mobile will adapt to the development of Internet applications and accelerate the progress of api/wifi in supporting w on medium - and high-end TD. Communication world

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