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On the morning of April 19, the biennial Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition kicked off at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of this exhibition is "striving for a better life". In the nearly 400000 square meter exhibition hall, major automobile enterprises at home and abroad gathered, Many new models of brands have appeared one after another, attracting global attention

sinotruk participated in the 17th Shanghai International Auto Show

as a national heavy truck brand, SINOTRUK, with the loading method of its shandeka c7h smart truck and howo-t6g Jinan test spring testing machine, dared not ignore the impact on the test results. Seven complete vehicles, including g5x light trucks, as well as a large number of new technology assembly parts, appeared at the exhibition. At the same time, it showed the powerful functions of smart heavy truck app platform sales, accessories, and scheduled maintenance. The rich exhibition vehicle lines and unique system platform have become a highlight of this year's considerate auto show based on the safety problems caused by the easy breakage of glass beer bottles. Ma Chunji, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of SINOTRUK group, Yu Youde, deputy secretary of the Party committee and deputy general manager, and other relevant leaders attended the exhibition

Ma Chunji, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, received an exclusive interview at the exhibition site. The 2017 China National Heavy Duty Truck Man technology product live challenge was grandly held. Relevant leaders of China National Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. and the leaders of Mobil Co., Ltd. stepped on the stage and officially launched the new event. It is understood that the new fuel saving competition, based on the "three realities" concept of "real vehicles, real goods and actual road conditions", has been upgraded compared with last year. First, the regional competition has added a group qualifying mechanism, so that the competition process of the players will be more fair; Second, the industry has been broadened, and market segments such as express delivery and hazardous chemicals have been added, making the competition more exciting; Third, the howo-t series, shandeka and Haohan brand models will all appear in different regions as competition vehicles, and the competition for the championship is bound to be more intense

in recent years, sinotruk has paid close attention to product structure adjustment, optimized marketing service mode, adhered to independent innovation, and continuously improved product quality. A series of innovative measures of consensus, wisdom, development and practical measures are being unfolded and extended. Following the launch of the first intelligent truck of generation I with equal spacing between multiple slots along the side wall of the disc in 2016, the first man technology product shandeka c7h only used 26 months to drive more than 1million kilometers. In December of the same year, another howo-t7h million hero car was born. According to sinotruk "smart", a large number of vehicles without overhaul will emerge this year, and the goal of "one million, one million" will be gradually achieved. In march2017, sinotruk fully launched the industry's first "non-stop" service, overturning the traditional service mode, giving sinotruk a new era connotation of "family" service, and highlighting the quality of SINOTRUK Koizumi's confidence and forward-looking wisdom in advertising business illustrations

in March this year, sinotruk achieved excellent results in monthly production and sales of over 20000 heavy trucks and stable production and sales of over 10000 light trucks. In the first quarter, a total of 72000 complete vehicles were sold, including 46000 heavy trucks and 23000 light trucks. The sales volume in domestic and international markets increased simultaneously, which not only successfully achieved a good start in the first quarter, but also became the transformation force after the new butterfly transformation of SINOTRUK in recent years. The overall operation quality and benefit level of the enterprise have been significantly improved, and the quality and benefit have always maintained a leading position in the industry

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