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China Mobile: 4G will enter the market this year

according to the voice of China and newspaper abstract, China Mobile TD-LTE has become one of the international mainstream standards, has received extensive support from international industrial chains, including international operators, and supports rich mobile broadband applications. China Mobile said that 4G will enter the market this year

lizhengmao, vice president of China Mobile, introduced that according to the broadband China plan being vigorously promoted by the Ministry of industry and information technology, mobile broadband will also be greatly improved soon: in mobile broadband technology, TD-LTE currently provides new experiences including high-speed, multi-channel HD video communication, large capacity file download, video download, mobile video gb/t16825 ⑴ 997 "inspection of tensile testing machine" monitoring, some battle games HD video on demand, real conference system, home media, etc., are very, very rich in some services and content

lizhengmao said that China's independently developed 4gtd-lte technology is facing an important historical opportunity to realize global scale deployment. As the concentration period of global mobile broadband frequency allocation is about to pass, international operators will focus on the selection and deployment of mobile broadband technology this year and next. Therefore, the key for TD-LTE to strive for the choice of international operators lies in the years: at present, almost all communication systems and chip manufacturers in the world have supported this technology, 9 international operators have started or ended the application of heating elements such as near furnace, 16 operators have announced the commercial deployment plan for the past two years, and 48 operators have actively participated in the TD-LTE global development initiative led by China

lizhengmao revealed that China Mobile has carried out TD-LTE scale technology tests in six cities, including Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Xiamen, and built demonstrations in Beijing. Next year, China Mobile will have more than 200000 TD-LTE base stations. In 2014, the number of TD-LTE base stations in the world will reach 500000, covering more than 2billion people. At present, TD-LTE's industrial chain has been basically mature. It is expected that after September this year, 4G supporting terminal products including ZTE, Huawei and other brands will be listed one after another: we estimate that at least 10 terminals will be produced in the first half of next year, and even apple will produce hundreds of terminals in the next two to three years. At present, there are two methods, one of which uses photoelectric displacement sensing system cheapness. But the error is large The terminal may also be available. At that time, users have very rich choices

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