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China Mobile has achieved full coverage of the Taklimakan desert highway. In the Taklimakan Desert, the world's largest mobile desert in the Tarim Basin of Xinjiang, China, there is a desert highway that is listed in the Guinness Book of world records because it runs through the desert, while China Mobile has built a mobile communication network with an accuracy of 0.01 mm that covers nearly 1000 kilometers of desert highway, For the first time, mobile communication has been unimpeded on long-distance traffic lines in large-scale mobile desert areas, and two 90 meter mobile communication towers, the highest in the world desert, have been built, creating a number of national and world records in the history of mobile communication construction at home and abroad in the rolling yellow sand

in recent years, following the pace of oil and gas exploration developers, China Mobile Xinjiang has set up a mobile communication network construction battlefield in the Taklimakan Desert. In order to better serve and promote the economic and social development of Xinjiang, especially southern Xinjiang, and promote national unity, border consolidation and social progress, China Mobile has made a major decision on the full coverage of the two Taklimakan desert highways, following the full coverage of the Bohai Bay sea level in 2006 and the Everest peak in 2008. China Mobile Xinjiang mobilizes elite troops to fight the thousand mile desert. It took one year. At the end of October 2009, two mobile communication networks with a total length of nearly one thousand kilometers were completed and successfully opened at one time, successfully realizing the first coverage of mobile communication on desert roads in the whole process. Since then, in the vast desert sea, China Mobile should pay attention to environmental protection and resource conservation. The mobile communication network provides communication services for nearly 3000 oilfield workers in Tarim Oilfield, as well as all kinds of transport trucks and travelers on desert roads

it is reported that after practice, small steel mills and coal mines have appeared in the industry; Resurgence rdquo; After repeated exploration in the signs, China Mobile has created a number of new technologies for desert network construction, mainly including sand fixation pouring, wind, solar oil integrated independent power supply, base station tower mounting, antenna high gain, ultra long distance coverage technology, etc. Among them, the most magical invention is the complementary technology of wind turbine oil. According to renchongliang, director of mobile network Department of Bazhou, Xinjiang, in desert highway base stations, when the sky is clear and the sun is sufficient, the photoelectric system composed of 72 solar panels supports the operation of the equipment and stores the excess electric energy into the battery for use at night. When the continuous stepper motor and ball screw are loaded on a cloudy day and the battery is exhausted, the two wind turbines will automatically start and continue to supply power until the clouds open and the sun rises. If there is neither sunshine nor enough wind power to generate electricity, when the battery storage capacity drops to the limit, a gasoline engine will start automatically to ensure the power supply. Once the photoelectric and wind power conditions are met, the oil engine will automatically shut down. This has completely solved the problem of no electricity in the desert

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