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Nordic style, simple, clean and slightly fresh, very humanized, and the color matching details are very comfortable for everyone. The case of this article is the Nordic style new house of the post-90s couple, which costs only 50000, and the effect is very amazing

I haven't written a case recently. Yesterday I turned to a case of a designer. I really like it and can't help sharing it with you

this set of cases is the Scandinavian style that is popular now. Before Nini every time I saw the online case sharing, nine times out of ten it was the decoration of the Scandinavian style

Nini also likes Nordic style very much. It is simple, clean and slightly fresh. It is very humanized. Everyone feels very comfortable with the details of color matching

Nordic style

the protagonists of this case are a pair of post-90s generation, Xiao an and Ali. The two people who like to be free and casual are engaged in Internet work. They usually have more overtime meetings and like to stay at home on weekends

they have high requirements for home decoration. They want a beautiful and comfortable house without too many complex decorations and flashy designs. After all, they want to relax and rest at home

this set of design mainly uses three relatively fresh and beautiful colors, blue, pink and white, to match with a soft and new aesthetic feeling

furniture adopts simple design, which is amazing without any carving

combined with some green plants and artistic paintings, the whole space is full of layers, which can be said to be a type that young people like very much. The cost is not much, but the effect is surprisingly good, and the cost performance is extremely high

entry space

from the above figure, we can see that this house type has no entrance porch, and the door opens to see the guest restaurant directly

the designer arranged a shoe cabinet here, which can not only meet the daily needs of storing shoes, but also serve as a shelter partition to divide the entrance space and the living room space

the shoe cabinet is a combination of covered door cabinet + open laminate, and the bottom is suspended, so it will be more convenient to change shoes. Some shoes can't be put in a closed cabinet immediately, just put them on the open laminate at the bottom


the space of the restaurant is relatively small. Using a large area of white as the base can visually enlarge the space, which is not as narrow as before

here, the designer uses a Golden Oak side cabinet to create a warm and comfortable dining environment. This sideboard cabinet adopts the form of floor cabinet + hanging cabinet, and the middle part is empty, which is very suitable for putting tableware and small household appliances

the owner, Xiao an, bought a movable shelf to put some ingredients. It's very practical

living room

walking from the dining room to the inside is the living room. Although there is no obvious boundary between the two spaces, the designer separates the spaces in some details. For example, the green plants and carpets we can see are some inconspicuous soft partitions

sofa wall is a popular haze blue now, which is very exquisite and advanced. Plus a group of black framed fashion art paintings, the overall feeling is more artistic trend, which is very suitable for this young couple

dark gray sofa is particularly dirt resistant. This fluffy fabric sofa is especially comfortable to lie on. It is a favorite of young people now

the TV cabinet with the combination of upper and lower cabinets has a large capacity. In addition to the TV and, the trivial items in the living room, such as scissors, sewing boxes, emergency drugs, keys, etc., can be placed here


their kitchen is relatively small, so they chose this clean and generous L-shaped cabinet. The embedded range hood and disinfection cabinet will not occupy other positions, which is very suitable for small family

the storage capacity of the row of lockers above is very strong. Dry goods stored at home, spare cleaning cloths, etc. can be packed in

master bedroom

Xiao an and Ali are newlyweds. Naturally, the master bedroom should be designed to be more exquisite and romantic

the light pink with grayish tone and warm oatmeal color make the color matching of the whole space very advanced. Although it is a pink space, it will not be kitsch at all

the Flamingo decorative painting at the head of the bed is now a Nordic style decoration hot, very cute and temperament. The head of the bed and the bedside table are designed as a whole, leaving room for books. This design can be said to be very humanized

here, the traditional hanging cabinet is replaced by the laminate, which looks smaller and fresh with the original light powder wall protection board, which is very suitable for the efficient office life that young people want

the combination of this set of computer desk and bookcase is well arranged and orderly, which is more personalized than ordinary ones

where there are women, the design of the wardrobe must not be ignored. The door to top wardrobe has a stronger storage capacity

the designer specially added a group of open laminates on the side near the door. Usually, the little couple's common coats and bags are placed here, which is more convenient to take

children's room

the design of children's room is also clean, natural and simple. Without complex wall paintings and overly exaggerated color matching, a simple combination of light blue and ivory white can create the warmth and childlike interest required by children's room

the wardrobe in the children's room is designed with a floating window cabinet, and the top-down design ensures the storage space. However, generally, children can't reach the top cabinet by themselves, so it is more suitable for putting some seasonal clothes

after the floating window is widened with the floating window cabinet, the activity space is larger, and it is the best entertainment space for children

although their baby is still young, they have to prepare early. This bookcase + computer desk is carefully designed for children to go to school in the future. Fresh color matching and strong storage space are all highlights worth mentioning

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