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Even if you can't go to dali'er seaside, a perfectly customized balcony can also be enough to let you immerse yourself. How to put on a beautiful balcony with high appearance value? Xiaoman will talk with you about several decoration methods of the balcony

recently, Xiaoman's circle of friends is crazy

many friends are in the mood to install an air conditioner next to the road teeth for the people of the country

in this hot weather

Xiaoman increasingly wants to go to the Erhai seaside to spend the summer

watch the white clouds walk Cangshan on the edge of the balcony, Listen to the gentle murmur of Erhai Lake

enjoy "the four seasons, often like early spring" Dali weather

in fact

even if you can't go to Dali Er seaside

a perfectly customized balcony can be enough to let you immerse yourself

how to install a beautiful balcony with high beauty

today, Xiaoman will talk to you about several decoration methods of balcony

balcony turns into storage room

the most common and most common is to use the balcony as a storage room. Especially for small families, in order to keep the interior clean, the balcony is usually incarnated as a storage area

do a good job in family storage, and more time and space will overflow perfectly

the balcony is installed as a laundry room

now the toilets of small houses are relatively small, and it becomes very crowded to put another laundry opportunity. At this time, the balcony is needed to play a role. Transforming the balcony into a laundry room is the most practical way to use the balcony

if the minimal space is properly planned, it can deduce commendable refinement

tatami on the balcony is really reliable

tatami as a small household expansion artifact, how can we not design a balcony

the new home plans the balcony tatami space in advance, and the leisure tea table is equipped with folding chairs to watch the clouds rolling and comfortable at leisure. Is it comfortable? ~

on weekdays, my mother does crafts on the balcony, my father reads newspapers on the balcony, my husband reads books on the balcony, my baby plays on the balcony, and a tatami terrace can easily meet the needs of the whole family

the balcony in the bay window, and the small house with a strong appearance can't make room for a study space? I can't stand people who have a hobby of reading!!! Baby is not afraid, the balcony will save you

the use of floating windows on the inner balcony is perfect ~

the small house with only the inner balcony at home can also make full use of the floating window platform. With a sofa cushion of appropriate size, you can sit comfortably, which is both beautiful and saves a lot of space

balcony becomes a leisure space

it's also a new experience to make a simple lounge on the balcony. It's boring to sit here in leisure. The storage cabinet at the bottom can also collect sundries or books, moisture-proof and beautiful

use rock wool as a protective layer under the balcony window, design shading shutters, drink tea and chat, and have a beautiful dream ~

the green and refreshing cushion is matched with a simple hanging cabinet to easily create a comfortable and leisure atmosphere. In your spare time, you can sit on the balcony and read books. You can also make an appointment with a friend to chat and spend a good time together




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