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As a result, various materials, new technologies and new concepts emerge in endlessly, making it difficult to distinguish between true and false. About the material, thickness, pavement, cushion and other aspects, the statements of various salespersons are more or less misleading

misunderstanding: pure solid wood flooring cannot be used for geothermal. In my impression, it is laminate flooring and solid wood composite flooring that are used for geothermal flooring

in this regard, floor technology experts said that under the geothermal environment, the floor needs to bear a certain amount of heat. When the moisture in the air is absorbed into the wood, the wood will expand; When the air is relatively dry, the moisture of the wood runs into the air again, causing the wood to dry and shrink. Ordinary solid wood floors are easy to crack and shrink, so they cannot be used in geothermal environment. Pure solid wood flooring that can be applied to geothermal environment is conditional, and the manufacturing process is also quite strict

first, the selection of tree species is harsh. For example, the average mature time of rare wood in South America is the longest among all tree species, and it grows “ Usable materials ” It will take at least 50 years, and it will take hundreds of years for valuable wood species such as adzuki bean and Baodi bean (called gold and silver in wood). The long time of forming gives excellent materials, which makes them have excellent stability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and deformation resistance

second, the water content is strictly controlled, and the water content is different in different regions

third, it must have been specially treated. The paint principle of each floor is " Six bottoms and three sides "e;, So as to ensure the stability of pure solid wood flooring in an all-round way

IV. technical patents ensure the application of pure solid wood flooring in geothermal environment. For example, the representative “ Concealed sewing technology &rdquo& ldquo; Gluing and direct laying technology ” The two patents have innovated the pure solid wood geothermal floor in terms of technology and pavement, and have tested the sample houses installed three years ago in Beijing and Shanghai, and the sampling effect is very good

“ Concealed sewing technology ” It is through the transformation of the tenon of the solid wood floor, so as to effectively avoid the gap problem caused by the thermal shrinkage and expansion of the solid wood floor. The floors can expand and contract freely, but the gap is still hidden. This technology is not to suppress the shrinkage and expansion of solid wood subjectively, but to alleviate the adverse effect of this shrinkage and expansion. Not only the natural nature of solid wood flooring is maintained, but also the adverse factors of home paving are eliminated. And “ Gluing and direct laying technology ” It is the most simple and effective technology of pure solid wood geothermal floor. It seems to stick a magic to the floor “ Double sided tape ”, No damage to the floor. Through the mechanical principle, the adhesive tape is attached to the floor to establish a tight and organic adhesion system, and finally form an overall paving effect. The effect of no nail, no glue and no keel solves the keel factor that the solid wood floor is not suitable for geothermal





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