Appreciation of modern light luxury European decor

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In recent years, light luxury fashion has become more and more popular. This popularity has gradually transitioned from clothing matching to decoration. Recently, some netizens have also consulted Xiaobian about the appropriate style of light luxury decoration. Xiaobian has specially sorted out two sets of light luxury European style decoration renderings. Friends who like light luxury decoration can come and have a look

house type: two bedrooms and one living room

decoration style: European and American style

decoration quotation: 100000-200000

this kind of light luxury decoration is very popular with young people. If you are going to install a wedding room or have high requirements for decoration effect, don't miss this kind of light luxury decoration. If you still want to know your specific house type decoration quotation, you might as well leave your detailed house decoration information, We can help you arrange 3-4 decoration companies to measure the house and offer quotation plans for free for your reference





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