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On November 8, a series of activities of "green 361 ・ healthy kamandi" double president signing ceremony were successfully held at Xintang station, with the enthusiastic participation of nearly 100 owners, which filled the whole shed with water around the scene of kamandi's wardrobe signing ceremony

on November 8, 2014, the "green 361 ・ healthy kamandi" double president signing event series held by kamandi was successfully held in the Paris Hall of Country Garden Phoenix Hotel at Xintang station. Nearly 100 owners enthusiastically participated in the surrounding area, and the scene of the kamandi wardrobe signing event was packed, filling the whole shed. The on-site staff of the kamandi wardrobe event were overwhelmed and busy

as one of the well-known zero formaldehyde wardrobe brands in China, kamandi wardrobe has always been committed to creating a healthy and comfortable home environment for consumers. In order to increase brand influence, maximize the benefits of consumers, and achieve a win-win situation for producers, operators and consumers. Four preferential policies were implemented in this event. Not only did the styles of all moving door products enjoy the lowest discount within a limited period of time, but also a free order gift with a maximum of 50% free order could be obtained on site. The preferential intensity was unprecedented

in order to better reflect the sincerity of the signing of the two presidents, the event site not only prepared rich gifts to give back to the first customer participating in the event. With the admission ticket, the lucky one can also win a special prize, a 47 inch brand LCD TV. It brings tangible benefits to our customers, and nearly 100 awards are brought home by lucky owners

at the beginning of the activity, the host made a speech, and the opening performance "little apple" carefully prepared by kamandi staff for customers received a warm response

president Du delivered a speech and began the first round of lottery. The winner will receive a 47 inch LCD TV. (why~ it's so tempting! Give everyone a sense of mystery and don't announce the winners first.)

kamandi wardrobe bear's speech

detailed explanation of teacher Gao Feng. It shows that formaldehyde causes cancer. Ordinary man-made boards use urea formaldehyde resin adhesive mixed with formaldehyde and urea, while furniture needs 1kg of formaldehyde, and its release period is as long as 8~15 years. Therefore, the harm caused by formaldehyde to human body is very serious, and what we need to prevent formaldehyde most is the bedroom where we often sleep and rest. Children are prone to leukemia due to their height and weak immunity. Pregnant women are infertile or cause malformations

teacher Gao Feng is now doing the experiment. Compared with Hexiang board, the ordinary board tastes better after boiling with high-temperature boiling water. After taking it out, you can see that the shape has been deformed and is easier to break, while Hexiang board is almost tasteless and has little change in shape after boiling, which is relatively strong and difficult to break. Wanhua Hexiang board is not only zero formaldehyde, but also moisture-proof, flame-proof, load-bearing and aging resistant

the straw specific Wanhua modified MDI ecological adhesive used in Hexiang board is the key to zero boundary Hexiang board not releasing formaldehyde, which is different from other ordinary boards, and has won the National Science Progress Award

customers are carefully comparing, smelling and breaking. Have you identified which is Hexiang board

what is broken is ordinary board, and the board with rice and wheat appearance in the center is Hexiang board

the customers who answered the questions also received our small gifts ~ did everyone learn a lot of new knowledge

the couple in the customer takes the stage and reappears the proposal picture. Since then, with love, we have a warm home

the game of stepping on balloons. If there is a small note in the balloon you step on, you can cash the prize. Customers have a lot of fun

there is also a banner brought by the calligrapher to kamandi: "great achievements"

president Xiong issued preferential policies. (the lowest price of the whole year is only for this event! Wow ~ Xiaobian also thinks it's too preferential and tempting here! Are you excited? Action is better than excitement! Here are the pictures of customers queuing for rush purchase, and our staff are almost unable to cope with it!)

signing begins! After the first order, there are also customers who want to sign it

after the sale is signed within 30 minutes, many customers are anxious to sign the bill, and our staff are busy

list of award-winning guests:

Special Prize winner, a 47 inch LCD TV and 50% free of charge. WOW! How happy do you think our female client is? I almost covered my mouth and laughed

second prize winner, free order 25%

third prize winner, free order 10%

in addition to the affordable price to attract customers, the free order amount and rich prizes of the event also made the on-site customers scream, and the customers who won the special prize couldn't laugh. The on-site signing rate reached more than 58%. In a lively and happy atmosphere, the "green 361? Health carmandi" Xintang double president signing meeting came to a successful conclusion

group photo of all employees at the signing meeting of the president and President of kamandi wardrobe

the weather on that day was relatively cold. Thank the employees who wore thin clothes and braved the cold to work hard for the signing activity of kamandi benefits. Also, thank the guests and customers who braved the cold to participate in this activity. You worked hard! Thank you for coming

kamandi wardrobe knows that the successful conclusion of this activity is inseparable from the unremitting efforts of every kamandi wardrobe employee, and even more inseparable from the support and love of the majority of Xintang citizens and even dealers all over the country. Because of your support, we have gathered hundreds of owners to participate; Because of your support, we have exceeded the signing rate of more than 58%; Because of your participation, more people have learned about kamandi wardrobe and furniture knowledge of "zero formaldehyde emission". Sincerely look forward to the next "green 361, healthy kamandi" coming, kamandi wardrobe will work with you to create good results! You can also follow the official wechat platform of kamandi wardrobe





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