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Winter goes and spring comes, leaving the old and welcoming the new. Looking back on 2014, our efforts and achievements all the way have doubled our confidence. Along the way, we were too moved, and the warmth we conveyed to each other convinced us of the brilliant future of Sanshan floor. On January 12, 2015, the 2015 Sanshan flooring annual meeting with the theme of "run it Sanshan" was grandly held in the company. This annual meeting was jointly hosted by Xu Zhaohui of the human resources department and Zhang Kui of the sales department. More than 100 employees gathered at the scene to share the feast

the annual meeting kicked off with a passionate opening speech by the host, and Mr. Zhang huanbing, general manager of Sanshan flooring, delivered a New Year speech. He shared the company's overall performance report in 2014 and work outlook in 2015, and expressed sincere thanks to all employees for their hard work over the past year. Finally, he expressed his hope: "I believe that in 2015, with the unity and positive and optimistic attitude of all our colleagues in Sanshan flooring, we will surely achieve success. In 2015, we will work together, struggle together, and fight together!"

general manager zhanghuanbing of Sanshan floor delivered a speech on this year's work results and future planning

all management levels made a summary and report on the work content of this year, and also made a prospect for the work plan of 2015. Let all employees of Sanshan floor have a new goal and confidence in their work next year

team style display link, all departments show their style on stage

award link, every kind face, every warm smiling face, every happy tear, are filled with a deep mood - happiness! This is a kind of happiness, but also a kind of touching. Yes, we are here, not to mention forever, but at least in the past work, we have assumed the responsibility on our own shoulders, which has been recognized by everyone

this party is very lively and colorful. All kinds of wizards came out unexpectedly and showed their skills, making people happy to tears. The sales department, which usually keeps up with fashion trends and always keeps a young heart, brought us a dance barbecue, which immediately warmed up the atmosphere of the venue, and even the dealers were infected with the atmosphere to dance with the colleagues in the sales department. The sign language dance "tomorrow will be better" performed by the customer service department moved the audience very much, because Sanshan, you and I gathered together from the ends of the earth, with a grateful heart, and went hand in hand. Those other experiences are the footprints of growth, and will be remembered for a lifetime

neckties, shirts and fans came to the battle together. The Ministry of e-commerce brought a dance of blue and white porcelain with the style of Jiangnan Water Town

the dance barbecue brought by the finance department is unique and very interesting

the solo dance "Zhuoma" brought by manager Zhong Li of wallpaper Department shocked the whole audience as soon as it was released. With a beautiful face and perfect and exquisite dance skills, combined with this dance, it was well deserved to win the second prize of the annual performance

the pantomime "consulting room storm" in the sales department really shook out all kinds of jokes, which made us laugh and lament that Sanshan has such a funny talent

in the sketch "the first time filming" of the marketing department, the actors laughed the whole audience as soon as they appeared, and the atmosphere of the whole audience was high to the highest point, including irony, mischief, comedy, etc

the final period ushered in the highlight of the annual meeting - the lottery session. The employee whose name is drawn will go to the stage to draw the prize. This year's prize is very generous, and all employees are looking forward to it, hoping that the prize can fall to their own homes. Finally, the special prize 42 inch LCD TV was withdrawn by Liu Qibing of the production department, while the first prize full-automatic washing machine was withdrawn by Wu Huan of the sales department who withdrew the special prize last year. I have to sigh that his luck is really good

the 2015 Sanshan floor "run, Sanshan" annual meeting ended in the affectionate chorus of the dealer partners. The dealer partners' songs were loud and clear, which was the moving melody of the new year, driving the atmosphere on the scene. Then all employees drank a toast. The four hour annual meeting ended successfully in a happy and harmonious atmosphere. The annual meeting not only showed the versatile side of Sanshan flooring staff, but also enhanced the feelings among the staff. 2014 has come to a happy end, and the Sanshan floor in 2015 will be better





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