Does the sunshine room need maintenance

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Does the sunshine room need maintenance

editor: Ronggao intelligent doors and windows

the sunshine room is exposed to the sun and rain every day, as if it can withstand any wind and rain. Does the sunshine room need maintenance? What a strong man needs maintenance. Because no one can keep going all the time, so is the sunshine room. Since the sunshine room needs to be maintained, how should it be maintained until it is correct

first of all, check and pay attention to whether the profile splicing of the frames and fans of the sunshine room doors and windows has cracks, distortion and deformation, and whether the flat leaf fan sags. If so, repair it immediately

secondly, pay attention to whether the sealing strip and leather strip are deformed due to cold expansion and heat contraction. If the sealing strip is broken, it is easy to make the sunshine room leak in rainy days. Cleaning up after the leakage will cause some properties to be damaged

third, check whether the hardware accessories are cracked, worn and dry (add lubricating oil). Hardware components determine the life of the sunshine room

the doors and windows of the sunshine room need to be maintained, and the maintenance density is not lower than that of other doors and windows. Only frequent inspection and replacement can ensure the service life of the sunshine room

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