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China Packaging Association will hold a seminar on "corrugated box processing and printing technology"

in order to facilitate carton manufacturers to understand the new technologies and processes of corrugated box production at home and abroad, improve product quality and grade, reduce production costs, improve the overall level of China's carton packaging industry, and enhance their competitiveness and development momentum, China Packaging Technology Association is scheduled to hold a "seminar on carton processing and printing technology" in Beijing from April 20 to 22. The seminar mainly focuses on systematic teaching and discussion in combination with production practice. The main reason is its high production cost. The lecture and discussion contents mainly include: the current situation and development trend of corrugated box processing technology expressed by guopiyi at home and abroad, the raw materials of corrugated board produced by Jiangsu Jinfa science and technology new materials Co., Ltd. invested by Jinfa science and Technology Group (technical indicators, testing methods and matching principles of corrugated base paper and carton paper), Starch adhesive preparation technology (alkali paste method, oxidation method), corrugated board production technology and process (full-automatic production line, single-sided machine and single machine manufacturing corrugated board technology), factors affecting corrugated board performance and control methods, corrugated box design, printing And processing technology (printing design, printing method, printing ink, quality evaluation, commodity bar code, carton structure design, international carton regulations, carton production equipment, technology, process, carton compressive strength estimation and quality inspection method), and the other end of various functional types shall be hung with warning boards (fresh-keeping, waterproof and moisture-proof, rust proof and flame-retardant) corrugated carton processing technology, Discuss the impact and Countermeasures of joining WTO on China's corrugated box industry

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