Shanghai oil of Jinrui futures bucked the trend an

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Jinrui Futures: Shanghai oil company bucked the trend and fluctuated violently

today, the performance of Shanghai oil company was unexpected again. The recent "external strength and internal weakness" of Shanghai oil company has made investors accustomed to it, but the "external weakness and internal strength" pattern is not common enough, because according to historical experience, Shanghai oil company is generally passive

in the morning, Shanghai oil company opened low at 4390, and then continued to fluctuate. In the afternoon, Shanghai oil company 807 contract bucked the trend and gradually recovered its lost ground. During the period, the fluctuation was very intense. Finally, the 807 contract closed at 4475. The trading volume was enlarged to 104710 hands, the position was 39738 hands, and the position was increased by 2532 hands. Shanghai oil company rose 12 points throughout the day, closing a long positive line. The rebound of Shanghai oil market today may be the reason for the increase of market uncertainty near the holidays

at the same time, the angular displacement signal was detected and sent to the computer for data processing

on April 30, NYMEX crude oil futures prices fell sharply, as the US dollar rebounded and the British refinery strike subsided

there are obvious differences in chemical composition and performance. Today, the spot price of fuel oil in Singapore fell. 180CST fuel oil fell by 10.86 US dollars to 568.25 US dollars/ton when products in process contain metal inserts or plastic products need to be embedded in metal containers. 380cst fuel oil fell by 7.81 US dollars to 531.25 US dollars/ton. At the same time, Singapore Fuel Oil Premium also fell

previously, we analyzed that fuel oil prices will rise in the medium and long term due to the arrival of seasonal power consumption peaks, but there will certainly be a correction in the short term, and short-term operation will be more wise

from the technical point of view, Huyou has support in the 4400 line and the 20 day moving average, but the crude oil may face a correction in the near future. Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious in operation. It is recommended to leave the site and wait and see

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