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In 2013, the bidding amount of CCTV advertising reached a 19 year high of 15.8 billion yuan. Sina Financial News on the evening of November 18, 2013, the just concluded bidding of CCTV gold resources advertising attracted a total of 15.8 billion yuan, a steady increase, with a year-on-year increase of 11.38%. Among them, Jiannanchun, Wuliangye (30.91,0.00,0.00%), Maotai and Fenjiu spent 1.722 billion yuan to tell the time

hehaiming, deputy director of CCTV advertising business center, just introduced that in 2013, the total amount of bidding and pre-sale of CCTV gold resources advertising was 15.8 billion, a steady increase, with a year-on-year increase of 11.38%, higher than China's economic growth

the four liquor companies vied for the time of 1.722 billion, Jiannanchun "lavishly" threw 608million

the distinction between the electronic universal testing machine and the hydraulic universal testing machine is as follows: in terms of structural characteristics, the electronic universal testing machine mainly has two ways, and the liquor companies of 9 brand still become the stars in the CCTV advertising bidding

the competition between Maotai, a high-end Baijiu brand, and Wuliangye first pushed the bidding to a climax. Wuliangye spent 499million yuan to seize the broadcast time in all time periods in the second half of next year. Maotai followed suit with 352million yuan, winning the four month time advertisement

throughout the whole bidding process, the two enterprises held on. Especially in the bidding of unit 6, Maotai holding No. 989 raised the price before the hammer dropped several times. Especially when the quotation exceeded 200million, the bidding speed of the two enterprises accelerated, but Wuliangye finally won at the price of 211million

however, unlike previous Baijiu enterprises, Gome won the time report of the first two months with 215million yuan from many Baijiu enterprises. The three enterprises spent a total of 1066million yuan, far more than last year's 656million yuan

the bidding of the whole hour time telling combination continued the previous gunpowder smell. 180million, 161million, 70million, 101million, 158million and 200million, totaling 870million. This is the bid winning price for the six periods. Jiannanchun was the biggest "winner", and 608million won four periods. The other two periods are Maotai and Fenjiu

according to the rough statistics, including the whole point and network broadcasting, the four enterprises of Jiannanchun, Wuliangye, Maotai and Fenjiu spent a total of 1.722 billion to tell the time for the people of the country

consumers believe that it is the huge profits behind the sales of Baijiu that support the liquor enterprises to "spend money like land". In this regard, Ma Yong, vice president of the food industry association and the Baijiu professional committee, responded that Baijiu does not belong to the profiteering industry from the perspective of average profit margin, with a profit margin of about 15%, less than 10% in the past decade

however, Suo Bingxun, chairman of golden seed wine (18.31,0.00,0.00%), said during the two sessions this year that the era of high priced Baijiu with marketing supporting prices, concepts supporting prices and consumption supporting prices is coming to an end

wangyancai, chairman of China Brewing Industry Association, said in an interview at the CCTV advertising bidding site that the good days of Baijiu enterprises have not come to an end. He said that by the end of September, the sales of Baijiu industry had increased by 29% over the same period last year, and the tax revenue and profit had increased by% respectively

however, some friends asked on Weibo whether it is appropriate to use public platforms, monopolized resources, business driven, and alcohol to tell the time

the brand war of herbal tea enterprises extends to CCTV

in addition to liquor enterprises, herbal tea enterprises have also become the focus of media attention. Because the brand of jiaduobao and Guangyao, the herbal tea manufacturers that have been separated for a short time, also spread the marketing war to CCTV

JDB, which is in the process of brand transformation and remoulding, continued to increase its investment after the success of its summer campaign for the title of "China's good voice", and won the first obvious bid for CCTV advertising bidding - the first single dollar position of the standard version of simulcast for the first time with 86million yuan

after JDB's 86million yuan occupied the Spring Festival period of the standard version of the simulcast, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group won the summer period at a price of 60.8 million yuan. It is 25.2 million yuan lower than JDB

at the second season advertising bidding meeting of Zhejiang satellite TV's "voice of China" held on November 2, JDB once again won the naming right with a "sky high price" of up to 200million yuan. Recently, JDB also launched the opportunity for Hunan Satellite TV's [microblog] New Year's Eve test of universal materials with protective covers. It is reported that Guangyao group has decided to spend 500million yuan to buy out several TV programs

CCTV advertising bidding is challenged by local stations

some popular entertainment columns launched by local satellite TV are attracting more and more enterprises to invest in "real money" for naming. CCTV has obviously realized this trend

zhaojinlin, Secretary of the Party committee of Huiyuan Group, revealed that he had also participated in the title fight for the voice of China, which reached 190million, and finally lost the title right by 10 million. On November 2, at the second season advertising bidding meeting of Zhejiang satellite TV's "voice of China", JDB won the naming right again with a "sky high price" of up to 200million yuan. The whole bidding meeting ended with a total bid price of 1billion yuan, much higher than the expectation of 200million yuan

after the failure of the good voice, Huiyuan Group moved to CCTV and titled the avenue of stars (super version) with a title of 339million, which is known as the "people's stage". He thought it was "worth the price"

a state-owned enterprise from Shanghai named "Yiyi Bencao" 109million. CCTV-1 will launch five large-scale reality shows "dancing my life" next year. "Dream chorus" and "Chinese good Kung Fu" won the bid of 169million and 141million yuan respectively

Li Guangdou, a famous brand expert, also analyzed that the advertising bidding of CCTV is being challenged, and the entertainment challenge from local satellite TV, and new media are also seizing the advertising share of TV, but at present, TV is still the mainstream of advertising in China. However, the status of CCTV has not changed. "Because CCTV advertising also plays a role in endorsing enterprises."

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