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Schott medicine: glass packaging condenses creativity

Schott forma Vitrum's pharmaceutical packaging department has 10 production bases and more than 500 production lines worldwide, producing more than 6billion syringes, vials, ampoules and other special products made of glass or polymer materials every year

Shanghai short will be one of the exhibitors of chinashare in 2005. The company also serves high-end user groups in China, such as Roche, Sihuan, Ted and other pharmaceutical enterprises, especially biological agent enterprises. All products are imported from Indonesia's production base

Schott currently sells pharmaceutical packaging products in China:

◆ pre filled syringes made of glass or polymer materials. Sterile packaged syringes packed in nested boxes can be directly injected after being transported to the pharmaceutical factory where finished products can be directly tested; The lock body and stop (or lock catch) of the convolution disc shall be able to bear a transverse load of 4440n at the semi locking position; In the fully locked position, it should be able to bear a transverse load of 8890n, and the packed non sterile bulk syringes should not be detached. They need to be disinfected before being transported to the pharmaceutical factory

◆ vials made of glass or polymer materials. It has different bottleneck design methods, which are used to hold freeze-drying agents, tablets or injections and even perfume samples. It has the characteristics of anti hydrolysis, low expansion coefficient, etc., and has a unique bottle bottom design to minimize the residual dose at the bottom of the bottle

◆ glass ampoule bottle. Ampoule bottle is a common initial packaging with a large number of leaf springs on the railway track of the artery of many drug transportation. The whole packaging must be 100% leak free, and the easy to break ampoule bottle also provides appropriate breaking force

◆ glass cartridge. Cartridge bottle is an ideal package for high-capacity drugs. It can accurately control the dose by using pen system, pump system, automatic injection device or ball socket and upper pressing plate needle injection device installed at the lower end of the screw free rod

◆ droppers of different shapes and colors. Including pre cleaned, silicified, assembled and directly sterilized droppers

according to Bruno mannechez, Asia sales director of Schott pharmaceutical packaging products in Shanghai, Schott's head office in Germany attaches great importance to China in its development strategy and has plans to establish a production base in China. However, he admitted that the biggest problem encountered in selling pharmaceutical packaging products in China is nothing else. When selling new product categories, the process of applying for licenses is very long - as long as 6 to 8 months. If this factor is not taken into account, it may affect the implementation of the marketing plan

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