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Schubert provides efficient and flexible packaging solutions for well-known food enterprises

Crailsheim (Germany), March 30, 2020 or temporary monopoly - Schubert TLM packaging equipment can seamlessly integrate different products and packaging of different specifications into the same system to realize the packaging of multiple products, which can not only improve the production efficiency and the flexibility of the production line, The specification conversion required for the packaging of new products in the future can also be realized quickly

de wafelbakkers is a famous bakery frozen food supplier located in North Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. its main products include frozen pancakes, waffles and other popular foods. In order to meet the changing and diversified requirements of consumers and the needs of the company's production, de wafelbakkers needs a new and more consumer oriented packaging design, and pillow packaging its frozen pancakes, while improving the overall output and flexibility. Finally, baking master de wafelbakkers chose Schubert's solution

d products that can receive disposable plastic e wafelbakkers requires the packaging machine to pillow pack frozen pancakes, and enable the packaging production line to be used for other new products and other new forms of packaging in the future. Schubert's TLM solution successfully meets all the requirements and challenges of customers, and can stack and handle sensitive frozen products efficiently and flexibly

in terms of the specific packaging process realized by de wafelbakkers, the first step is to transfer frozen products from a 1000 mm wide multi track product feed belt to a 1200 mm conveyor belt, and then to Schubert's TLM packaging equipment system. The integrated 3D scanner can detect damaged products and remove them from the packaging process. Ten F4 robots pick up pancakes one by one and stack them together according to the required packaging specifications. The flowmodule gently packs the stacked products into pillow bags and seals them directly. Schubert's patented sealing technology ensures a constant sealing time and enables customers to set the sealing time to milliseconds. For each pillow bag, the cross sealing device can immediately adapt to the variable speed of the upstream pickup and placement robot

schubert's packaging equipment has the following advantages:

pickerline and integrated pillow packaging machine module can be integrated in the same system

3D scanner to ensure accurate pickup

space saving solution and strong service support

fully automatic type change, Maximize flexibility

up to 600 products and 100 pillow bags can be output per minute

double pillow packaging of different frozen products

the TLM packaging machine designed by Schubert for customer de wafelbakkers is an integrated single system solution, which can not only significantly save space, but also be better in supply chain optimization and provide stronger service support. The scheme is a system that integrates a pickup line and an integrated pillow and bag machine module, which not only improves the production efficiency and flexibility, but also can be realized quickly if the packaging specification conversion is required, and can flexibly meet the needs of packaging other new products and providing other packaging forms in the future

Dumas Garrett, President of de wafelbakkers, said, "Schub found these table files from the installation folder. The TLM packaging equipment of ERT can seamlessly combine different products and packaging of different specifications into one system, which is one of the decisive factors that prompted us to choose Schubert solutions."

schubert also provides customers with the necessary expertise and supporting services to help customers deal with all types of sensitive products more reasonably. For example, Schubert can help to accurately develop the gripper required by the picking and placing robot according to the customer's packaging equipment, so as to ensure that the solution provided to the customer is optimized at all levels

about Schubert company

Schubert company is a globally recognized market leader in top load packaging systems. This family business, located in kreilsheim, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany, is famous for its advanced digital robot packaging system, and is based on simple mechanical technology, intelligent control technology and high modularity. With this concept and the carefully studied innovation culture, the company has been creating a new situation since its establishment more than 50 years ago

with its top loading packaging system technology, the company can manually move the gauge rod for its customers, and it is always unable to accurately track the gauge change of the sample; Its three households provide packaging machine solutions to meet future needs, which are not only simple to operate, flexible to change models, but also excellent in performance and reliable in function. The top loading packaging machine can pack products of all types and industries, such as food and beverage, candy and chocolate, medicine and cosmetics, in trays, cartons, packaging boxes and pillow bags

famous brands such as Ferrero, Nestle, Unilever and Roche, as well as many small and medium-sized and family businesses, rely on Schubert's automation solutions. Founded in 1966, this family business is now headed by a second generation of leaders and currently has 1300 employees

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