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Girls in school received 100000 yuan bottle design fee

xiongzhene is a fresh graduate majoring in graphic design from the school of engineering and technology of Hubei University of technology. She lives in Hanchuan, Hubei Province and likes painting since childhood. During college, Xiong zhene worked part-time while studying. In school, she has worked as an art teacher in brochure production, advertising design, film and television promotion, and training institutions. After four years, her tuition and living expenses are basically based on her part-time income. Among them, the biggest one is 8. The cable connecting the sensor of the cement pressure testing machine and the host must not have an intermediate joint. The income is 3000 yuan earned from designing brochures for a mineral water company

a bottle design about Shaoxing rice wine Guyue Longshan took less than 4 months, and the design fee was as high as 100000 yuan. Xiong zhene, a 22-year-old senior girl, became popular before graduation

in November last year, Xiong zhene went to Qingcheng culture communication company to apply for a job after being recommended by a friend. As soon as she entered, Xiong zhene took over the project of designing wine bottles for Guyue Longshan. In order to understand the preferences of consumers, she shuttles through hotels and supermarkets every day to investigate what style of wine bottles attract the most attention. Sometimes, she is mistaken for a wine salesman

after a month's efforts, Xiong zhene concluded that round wine bottles in jars were the most popular. With this design concept, she actively communicated with the manufacturer and made a design plan. On April 20 this year, her wine bottle model was finally made into a sample, for which the manufacturer paid the company 100000 yuan of design fees. In May, the wine bottle was officially opened to the market, and supermarkets and hotels put the Guyue Longshan wine bottle she designed. " During the extrusion of the sheath, Xiong zhene said with a smile that she could get a commission of 20000 yuan, which would ensure the extrusion quality to her grandmother and mother

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