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Scientific and technological innovation - sankeshu took the lead in launching Lvyi Jingwei vegetable oil polyurethane waterproof coating

scientific and technological innovation - sankeshu took the lead in launching Lvyi Jingwei vegetable oil polyurethane waterproof coating

20 in fact, on May 10, 21

during the curing process of concrete, the volume shrinks, the internal stress is large, cracks occur, and the protective materials need to have high flexibility. At present, the most widely used resin systems include polyurethane, acrylic acid, non curing asphalt and polyurea. Among them, polyurethane waterproof coating is more and more widely used because of its excellent low-temperature mechanical properties, the coating layer is soft but not sticky, hard but not brittle after film forming, and the comprehensive performance advantages of high elongation

however, at present, polyurethane waterproof coatings mostly have many problems behind their superior performance, such as high odor, high VOC content, low safety and high construction requirements. How to realize product upgrading has become an inevitable trend of industry development

in order to solve the pain point of polyurethane waterproof coating industry, sankeshu waterproof focuses on the research and development of green environmental protection products. Following the release of water-based polyurethane waterproof coating in 2020, which led the industry to "change oil to water", recently, Lvyi Jingwei series vegetable oil polyurethane waterproof coating was launched. The industry is the first to introduce plant-based environmental plasticizers into polyurethane waterproof coating, making use of renewable biological resources to make it have better physical and chemical properties, less odor, lower VOC and other characteristics

green environmental protection

use renewable energy, such as vegetable oil and recycled animal oil

lower VOC and reduce the harm to contacts

excellent physical and chemical properties

solid content as high as 92%, far exceeding the requirements of the national standard

strong deformation resistance (shrinkage and cracking)

better permeability, stronger adhesion with the base

moisture curing into a film, water erosion resistance Chemical corrosion resistance

easy to construct large volume

the unique vegetable oil system gives the product a better construction feel

it can be constructed by spraying, roller coating and other methods

viscosity is not easy to be affected by ambient temperature

single component, ready to use

wide applicability

widely applicable to indoor buildings Underground waterproofing works

stop here and protect immediately in case of abnormal conditions. More than 20 engineers and scientists garage



three trees waterproofing adhere to the research and development concept of "extreme health, extreme performance and extreme application", and take green innovation as the development concept to make buildings safer and better life

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