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Scientific and technological innovation "camel bell" rings through the new Silk Road, Lovol heavy industries piloting Chinese agricultural machinery to go global

scientific and technological innovation "camel bell" rings through the new Silk Road, Lovol heavy industries piloting Chinese agricultural machinery to go global

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unlike the "ancient Silk Road" 2000 years ago, it leads the Asia Pacific Economic Circle in the East, connects the European economic circle in the west, crosses Africa, links Asia and Europe, and passes through more than 60 countries and regions. As the world's largest economic corridor, The proposal and promotion of China's "the Belt and Road" strategy have made the development of this major trade artery more dynamic

apos high-end products are frequently displayed at global international exhibitions

thick and thin, broad and about. Standing at the new intersection of China's and the world's destiny, Lovol heavy industries has been deeply engaged in the "the Belt and Road" in recent years, and has delivered an answer that is the envy of peer enterprises. However, behind this is scientific strategic research and keen assessment of the situation, especially the clear strategic goal of globalization, which has already penetrated into the hearts and lungs of every Lovol people and become their unremitting goal. In recent years, it has acquired high-end agricultural machinery enterprises in Italy one after another, integrated global high-end "smart manufacturing" resources, and innovated along this national strategic road of connecting the East and the west, and is moving towards the world

innovation on a global scale dare to be the first

the "the Belt and Road" strategy not only opens a door for Sino foreign cooperation, but also helps many Chinese enterprises go abroad and develop with the world. For the traditional equipment manufacturing industry, it undoubtedly opens a broader development idea and direction, especially for the brand image reconstruction of "made in China"

Arbos tractors attracted much attention at the Sima exhibition in Paris

vision determines the pattern, and the pattern determines the height. Over the years, Lovol heavy industries, which has rapidly grown into the leader of the domestic equipment manufacturing industry, has never been confined to a corner of the country, but has taken a long-term view, coordinated the layout of global high-quality resources, and "borrowed brain and intelligence" innovative development, integrated the world's high-end human and intellectual resources, so that the innovation and development of its products have begun to achieve "globalization", forming a synchronous world Lovol global R & D system and industry-leading scientific and technological innovation ability

it is reported that since 2011, Lovol heavy industries has carried out a series of strategic layout for the global operation system, which has not only achieved the synchronization of technology with the world, but also achieved the goal of rapid access to advanced technology and management experience. Enterprise technology and product capacity are second to none in the agricultural machinery industry

all the way to the West. As early as 2011, Lovol heavy industries came to Bologna, an important European industrial town with the birth of Lamborghini, Maserati and other world beating cities, along the "Silk Road". Integrate overseas high-end talents and establish the first overseas R & D center in the domestic agricultural machinery industry - Lovol European R & D center, which is mainly responsible for the development of new technology platform tractors and large feed grain harvesters

after this firm overseas "start" settlement, Lovol heavy industries began an unprecedented innovation path in the agricultural machinery industry, which is prone to short-circuit fire, unsafe connection to electricity in case of water, and low human comfort. It fully studied the foreign advanced product R & D process, and established a unified development process, development methods, tools and standards in combination with the operating characteristics of various R & D businesses, forming a standardized development model, It fully injects the global R & D concept and technical connotation into the R & D of high-end agricultural machinery products

after three years of integrated operation, in 2014, Lovol heavy industries completed the first overseas acquisition of great strategic significance with the help of this enterprise innovation and R & D platform, and pocketed a century old European brand, Arbos. So far, it has 11 Double head grinder is a brand with a history of 20 years. It is known as an Italian national treasure brand and can be called a generation of classics in the history of agricultural machinery

China has a vast market with unlimited potential. The strong development momentum of Lovol heavy industry and apos, which has accumulated for a hundred years, can be described as a perfect match, with complementary advantages. In just two years after their successful marriage, they further pocketed mattermacc, a global high-end agricultural machinery enterprise, and Goldoni, a European Orchard tractor manufacturer, and staged a "hat trick" of overseas mergers and acquisitions

2015 is the first "jungle era" for the formation of the "the Belt and Road". However, the whole process can be imitated. On September 15 of that year, Lovol heavy industries' wholly-owned subsidiary Lovol Arbos Europe was officially inaugurated, and the globalization operation platform based on Europe was officially formed. Therefore, the localization operation of Chinese agricultural machinery overseas began to achieve a zero breakthrough. With more than 400 European employees and 300000 square meters of industrial area in Europe, Lovol Arbos Europe has initially built itself into a high-end agricultural equipment R & D, procurement, manufacturing, marketing base and operation management center for the European and American markets

therefore, the majority of media have believed that 2015 is the first year for Chinese agricultural machinery enterprises to truly start internationalization, and Lovol heavy industry has undoubtedly opened up a new era of global development

such as Arbos tractor and Matt mark seeder have filled many technical gaps in the field of domestic agricultural machinery, such as power shift and precision seeder, completely changed the situation that the core technology of China's high-end agricultural machinery has been monopolized by foreign countries for a long time, and objectively promoted the expansion of China's equipment manufacturing industry to the high end of the value chain

Lovol heavy industry has digested and absorbed foreign advanced technologies and introduced them into China, cultivated (5) real-time recording of friction time and load time experimental curves, raised a hard power team with global competitiveness, and promoted innovative products with global competitiveness to the world. At the same time, it has also nurtured domestic agricultural modernization to a certain extent

deeply plough the the Belt and Road and reap more

plough, sow and bear fruit. From the establishment of the first overseas R & D center in China, to the acquisition of Arbos, Matt mark and gordoney, and then to leading the localization operation of China's overseas agriculture to achieve a zero breakthrough, after several years of strategic layout, Lovol heavy industry has ushered in a real "harvest season" since 2015

Gordoni tractors work on grape farms

in October 2015, the tractor products of apos 5000, 6000 and 7000 launched by Lovol apos Europe were officially released worldwide, breaking through the "power shift" technology that domestic tractor products can't be independent, and competing with international top brand tractors, It was awarded the "silver medal of tractor of the year in Europe" by a jury composed of tractor industry media from 23 countries in Europe. This is the first international award for domestic agricultural machinery products

in November 2016, Lovol Arbos Europe's Gordoni tractor won another honor and was awarded the European silver medal for professional tractors of the year. Although in the eyes of Westerners, "made in China" has not completely got rid of the impression of low-end manufacturing, these innovative and ingenious excellent products of Lovol still make them feel the innovation potential of a large manufacturing country

"these achievements belong to the past. We have never satisfied the current situation and never stopped the pace of innovation. Working with domestic R & D teams, under the same management language, we have been perfectly integrated into a world-class global team. We will continue to develop and create more classic and excellent world-class products. Believe us." Bedosti, general manager of Revo Arbos Europe, said

the R & D and innovation achievements of the front end are remarkable, and the marketing services of the back end are also wonderful. As the pioneer of the "the Belt and Road" strategy, Lovol heavy industries has also won good performance in the global competition in general trade. At present, Lovol products have been sold in more than 120 countries and regions around the world. Among them, the exports related to the "the Belt and Road" account for more than 50% of the company's total exports

in recent years, Lovol heavy industry has actively promoted global scientific and technological innovation and realized the transformation and upgrading of products to medium and high-end. At the same time, it has actively expanded its "circle of friends" in countries along the the Belt and Road, such as Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, etc. in terms of global marketing of products, and has joined forces with Chinese enterprises such as China's transportation construction and Qingdao port to go abroad, constantly participating in infrastructure construction, resource development and other activities in countries along the the Belt and Road, Large orders have been obtained successively along the the Belt and Road

on December 7, 2016, the "the Belt and Road · China Africa cooperation" implemented the "Sino Soviet agricultural modernization cooperation plan" and the delivery ceremony of 800 harvesters for Lovol heavy industries' Sudanese customers was held in Lovol heavy industries' factory. This is also the largest domestic grain harvesting machinery and equipment order delivered overseas at one time

the high-end agricultural machines and tools of matemark being sown

! In the final round of the Algerian government's bidding for the purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment, Lovol opal large and medium horsepower tractors, with excellent product quality and good user reputation, once again won the purchase order of 1000 tractors from the Algerian government, achieving a good start in the new year and becoming the best return for deepening the "the Belt and Road"

for domestic agricultural machinery enterprises, if they want to achieve innovative development, they must be based at home and then look at the world. The proposal of the "the Belt and Road" national strategy undoubtedly provides a fast track for Chinese enterprises to develop. Only in the morning can they develop early. While competing positively with foreign brands on the world stage, Lovol heavy industries, as the navigator of the globalization of China's agricultural machinery, has taken the lead

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