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Postgraduate entrance examination non unified examination major in-depth analysis of mechanical manufacturing and automation

I. professional introduction

1, discipline introduction

mechanical design, manufacturing and automation is a level 1 discipline, and then re calibrate the sensor to work properly. It is a level 2 discipline under the mechanical engineering major. This discipline directly reflects the modernization and industrialization level of a country. This major involves many directions in the machinery industry, such as design and manufacturing, scientific and technological development, application research, operation management and business sales. It is an industry with great social demand. The ability of machinery manufacturing directly affects the development of the whole social industrial industry. At present, the level of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation in China is gradually shrinking compared with that in developed countries. With the needs of China's modernization and the development of aerospace, shipbuilding, mining and other industrial fields, machinery manufacturing and automation need to develop by leaps and bounds, and there is great room for development

2. Training objectives of machinery manufacturing and automation

this major trains senior engineering and technical talents who have the basic knowledge and application ability of mechanical design and manufacturing, and can be engaged in the design and manufacturing, scientific and technological development, application research, operation management, operation and sales in the field of machinery manufacturing in the first line of industrial production. Students of this major mainly study the basic theory of mechanical design and manufacturing, learn the basic knowledge of microelectronics technology, computer technology and information processing technology, receive the basic training of modern mechanical engineers, and have the basic ability of mechanical product design, manufacturing, equipment control and production organization management

3. Main research direction

01 numerical control technology and numerical control system

02 intelligent manufacturing technology

03 testing technology and fault diagnosis

04 machining process automation

05 computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS)

4. Examination subjects

① 101 political theory

② 201 English

③ 301 Mathematics I

④ mechanical principle

(Note: the above is based on Wuhan University.For example)

II Employment prospects

the employment situation of this major is very good. Many enterprises related to machinery can go, even those managed. After graduation, students can engage in mechanical product design and development, processing and manufacturing, tooling and mold design, production process management, numerical control technology application, industrial automatic production maintenance management, computer software application, product marketing and other work in industrial production departments, as well as teaching and scientific research in Colleges and universities and scientific research departments

III. career planning

Mechanical Engineer qualification examination: the mechanical engineer qualification examination is a mechanical engineer qualification certification project jointly carried out by the Chinese society of mechanical engineering and the examination center of the Ministry of education. The standards and contents of mechanical engineer qualification certification are published to the public in the form of "outline of mechanical engineer qualification examination". The outline requires a mechanical engineer to have basic knowledge, relevant knowledge and skills in eight aspects: engineering drawing, engineering materials, product design, manufacturing process, management/economy, quality assurance/quality control, computer application and mechanical manufacturing automation

IV. recommended institutions

Shanghai Jiaotong University, (,), Xi'an Jiaotong University, Harbin Institute of technology, Huazhong University of science and technology, (,), Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Zhejiang University, (,), Shandong University, (,), Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Chongqing University, Northwest University of technology, Shanghai University, Tongji University

v. experts suggest that students in this major should learn more about PLC (programmable logic controller), master the control of weak current electrical appliances, the use of servo system and AC servo motor, and especially point out that in the past 10 years, they should be familiar with the design of ordinary strong current circuits, and be familiar with metal materials, metal heat treatment and manufacturing technology, mechanical design basis and other professional knowledge

be familiar with AutoCAD, send experienced mechanical and electrical personnel to the user's factory to be responsible for the installation, commissioning and trial production of equipment, and master a three-dimensional design software, UG, pro/e, Solidworks, etc. these software are widely used in large-scale machinery industry, including aircraft, automobile and other industries

VI. similar majors

other majors under similar first-class disciplines include: mechanical and electronic engineering, mechanical design and theory, and vehicle engineering

VII. Curriculum (taking Shanghai Jiaotong University as an example)

1. Degree course

calculation method, advanced calculation method, matrix theory, matrix analysis, mathematical statistics, optimization method (I), random process, mathematical equation, application. Recently, its mechanical structure and hydraulic pressure loading principle determine its loading speed. Algebra, graph and network, introduction to topology, optimization method (II), wavelet method Advanced mathematical statistics, advanced stochastic processes, applied functional analysis, theory and methods of nonlinear systems, differential geometry, numerical methods of partial differential equations, introduction to Dialectics of nature, theory and practice of scientific socialism, English, professional English, basis of modern control theory, modern mechanical manufacturing engineering, vibration theory and acoustic principle, elasticity and finite element analysis, experimental analysis and design, engineering signal processing Mechanical optimization design, engineering materials and their analysis technology, mechanical dynamics, cutting-edge courses of mechanical engineering, mathematical analysis, differential geometry, Fundamentals of topology, differential flow patterns, non classical mathematical methods and applications, and topics on fundamentals of mathematics

2. Non degree courses

computer integrated manufacturing, agile and reconfigurable manufacturing, special machining technology, precision machining technology, manufacturing process modeling, modern numerical control technology, cutting-edge courses of manufacturing technology, precision measurement and testing technology, diagnosis and prediction technology, machine vision and application, principle and Application of virtual reality, engineering database technology, computer graphics, cutting-edge courses of digital and information technology, network technology Symposium

VIII. Strong institutions with target majors nationwide

Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, Tsinghua University, Huazhong University of science and technology, Dalian University of technology, Harbin Institute of technology, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Jilin University, (,), Chongqing University

IX. adjustable majors

mechanical and electronic engineering, mechanical design and theory, vehicle engineering

source: Wanxue Haiwen

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