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Decorative function of dimming glass partition

at present, the materials for decoration are becoming more and more abundant, and people's designs for offices and homes are becoming more and more diversified, personalized and intelligent. In such an environment, the concept of "light cooperation decoration, heavy decoration" has been recognized by more people, and it has become a trend to pay more attention to the green environmental protection of decorative building materials. As a new type of space partition material, glass partition is mainly the creation of interior decoration style, tone and atmosphere, and our use of glass partition is mainly based on the role of choice. Today, let's learn about the decorative function of light glass partition

decorative function

modern interior design, including soft and hard decoration, is a comprehensive interior environment design, which involves not only visual environment and engineering technology, but also light, sound, heat, artistic conception, tone, atmosphere and cultural connotation. Therefore, the design must be combined with decorative art to achieve the purpose of indoor decorative beauty. In interior decoration, the dimming glass partition has two states: transparent and atomized. You can choose different colors or carry out other processing according to your needs, such as making various patterns with wires, so as to give full play to the aesthetic effect of decoration. The dimming glass partition can replace the curtain. Just press the remote control gently, and the glass will be atomized immediately, so that you can enjoy the effect of curtain while enjoying the sense of technology

foil function

in addition to affecting the decoration of the grandfather's room or bedroom with different jaws, the furnishing and placement of furniture or accessories should be set off by the indoor environment background, and the corporate culture of the company should also be set off in the office decoration. The transparent and milky states of the dimming glass create a simple style without losing atmosphere, and also set off a fashion taste, which can be easily integrated into various decorative styles

adjustment function

sometimes there are unsatisfactory places in the space. The latter one belongs to destructive detection and adjustment, or you want to improve the space that is not bright enough. In real decoration, the most common thing we use is to partition a large office space with glass, which accounts for more than 50% of the total sales. The flexible and fast state switching operation experience of dimming glass gives it incomparable advantages over traditional partitions, which is also the biggest advantage of dimming glass. Reasonable space division can not only beautify the environment, but also effectively improve the flexibility and control of indoor space. It can not only improve the utilization rate of indoor space, but also greatly improve the work efficiency. It is really the best choice of both worlds

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