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"Schott fiola" has created a century old history of world-class pharmaceutical glass tubes

Mainz/mittech. From February 10, 2011 to this year, Schott group will usher in the 100th anniversary of the founding of its pharmaceutical glass tube brand - "Schott fiolax". Since the company's founder Otto Schott first founded the brand and put it on the market in 1911, "fiolax" special glass tubes have always been the benchmark products in the field of top-level high-quality pharmaceutical packaging

"the production of high-quality special glass tubes used in medicine and biotechnology is one of the main technical expertise and core businesses of Schott group. 'fiolax' ('fiolax ') pharmaceutical glass tubes are the most widely used materials for manufacturing pharmaceutical primary packaging in the world. With the help of' fiolax '('fiolax') brand, we provide global pharmaceutical packaging enterprises with high-quality products that meet the highest quality standards in the world." Professor Udo ungeheur, chairman of the board of directors of Schott group, said

based on more than 125 years of experience in the field of special glass materials and production technology, "Schott fiolax" glass tubes enjoy a high reputation in terms of appearance quality and performance. This means extremely low glass defect rate, extremely small geometric tolerance and accurate shape control. In addition, "Schott fiolax" products have good durability and strong mechanical wear resistance. High quality products enable Schott's customers to enjoy stable, low-cost and high-efficiency automated processes, efficient production speed, high output and extremely low defect rate of high-quality products. Using the special glass tube of "Schott fiolax" ("s has a special vehicle service vehicle chott fiolax") as the raw material, the manufacturer of drug packaging materials can produce high-quality syringes, cartridges, vials and ampoules used in the pharmaceutical industry

the borosilicate glass used by "Schott fiolax" is a high-quality special material for pharmaceutical packaging, which is characterized by high chemical corrosion resistance. This material is very easy to disinfect and has excellent protective properties for drugs. Because the material has extremely low alkalinity and effective UV protection, the drugs stored in the field of personal care products can be effective for many years. Therefore, "fiolax" is also an ideal packaging material for biotechnology

"for drug packaging material manufacturers and pharmaceutical enterprises, quality is the key factor. Therefore, as a leader in the quality field, we have been committed to continuously improving the appearance quality and geometric performance of 'fiolax' glass tubes. At the same time, we also pay attention to close cooperation with customers to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of all links in the value creation chain. " J ü rgen Achatz, sales director of Schott pharmaceutical glass tube, explained

in order to meet the high-quality requirements, Schott developed an information traceability management system for "fiolax" glass tubes, which can provide customers with accurate and important information about production, raw materials and quality parameters according to batch information. In other words, the details of the whole production process of glass tube production, within ten years from the date of finished product, 2. Turn on the power switch equipment, put the handheld operator to an empty (not a sample), and check whether the passive needle refers to zero. If it is not the position of the null pointer, it should be adjusted, and both the hour and null pointer can be traced to zero

"Schott fiolax" is not only a top product and an excellent brand. With the help of Fiore college, Schott can also provide its partners in the pharmaceutical field with a complete set of technical and scientific consulting services in the value creation chain. Schott experts teach the composition, performance and production of pharmaceutical glass tubes through special training programs. The training program also covers topics such as compatibility, absorption, chemical corrosion resistance of drugs packaging containers, and the packaging and freeze-drying (preservation) stability of some pharmaceutical reagents. In addition, the main features of Fiore college are: it will discuss international standards and regulations in the pharmaceutical industry

Schott has "fiola" pharmaceutical glass tube manufacturing bases in Germany, Spain, Brazil and India. Relying on its worldwide unified quality standards, Schott group can provide customers with the same high-quality products through its different manufacturing bases around the world. The medicinal glass tubes produced by Schott group each year add up to a million kilometers long - 25 times the circumference of the earth

Schott group is a multinational high-tech group company, which has been developing and manufacturing special materials, components and systems for more than 125 years. The main business areas of the company are household appliances, solar energy, medicine, optics, electronics, automobile industry and construction. The group has about 17500 employees, with global sales of 2.9 billion euros in the 2009/2010 fiscal year. The company closely links its technological and economic advantages with its social and environmental protection. At the same time, the company strongly supports the principle of sustainable development. Schott Co., Ltd. is an enterprise under Carl Zeiss foundation

for 100 years, Schott "fiolax" special glass tubes have been benchmark products in the field of high-quality medical glass packaging

Schott uses patented "densopack" packaging to transport medical glass tubes. This ensures that the glass tube is more stable and durable during transportation

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