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Scientific and technological innovation improves the core competitiveness of Jiaozuo industry

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in a behemoth like machine, it can produce diamonds (artificial diamonds) with quality comparable to natural diamonds, Let Jiaozuo Tianbao huanxiang machinery Xinlun composite products account for more than 90% of Funeng technology's aluminum-plastic film procurement. Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianbao huanxiang), the "invisible champion", will sit on the first throne in the world's superhard material manufacturing industry; Entering the community, you can voice "command" to open the door, turn on the lights and start household appliances. Qinyang swan head office empowers smart home, and heads up on the road of high-end and green home; 5g smart factory enables Mengniu (Jiaozuo) dairy to realize full-automatic production line, intelligent milk supply and smart logistics, and leads China's dairy industry into the "5g era"...

those who observe the situation are wise and those who control the situation win. China's development is still in an important period of strategic opportunities. How can we blaze a trail in the industry and become a trendsetter of the times? The success of many enterprises in our city has clearly left such an experience: only by making scientific and technological innovation the core competitiveness, can we be good at dancing in the market

since the second half of last year, Tianbao huanxiang has been very popular in the industry. At present, the production line has achieved full capacity production, and the order has been scheduled to the end of this year, but it is still difficult to meet the needs of some customers. Even the production line that has been used in the enterprise for many years has been bought by users...

Tianbao huanxiang is one of the large manufacturers of hexahedral diamond hydraulic press and superhard materials in China, with an annual production capacity of 1000 sets of large-scale intelligent hexahedral hydraulic press and 1.5 billion carat of micro powder. Henan Zhongnan diamond Co., Ltd., Henan Huanghe whirlwind Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Huajing diamond Co., Ltd. and other large domestic superhard material production enterprises are all long-term stable customers of Tianbao huanxiang

scientific and technological innovation is the magic weapon for the long-term prosperity of Tianbao huanxiang. Over the years, Tianbao huanxiang has signed cooperation agreements with universities and scientific research institutions such as China University of mining and Technology (Beijing). Tianbao huanxiang has only 302 employees, but there are 8 people with doctoral degrees. At present, Tianbao huanxiang has 14 invention patents and 37 utility model patents. In the 60NM hexahedral ultra-high pressure synthesis equipment, key technology and series product development project, through the optimization design of key parts of the host, sealing structure and hydraulic pressurization mode, the objectives of improving operation accuracy, prolonging service life and reducing manufacturing cost were achieved, and the first prize of 2019 science and technology progress award of colleges and universities of the Ministry of education was won

take the fist product large-scale intelligent hexahedral hydraulic press as an example. A new product can produce more than 400 carats of diamond at one time, while the production capacity of the old product is only more than 200 carats. Taking advantage of the excellent heat transfer of diamond, Tianbao huanxiang is tackling the key problem of using diamond on the computer cooling fan to realize the silent operation of the computer. Technological innovation has enabled Tianbao huanxiang to straighten its back in domestic and international markets

the growth of Qinyang Swan Corporation is also inseparable from the key supporting role of scientific and technological innovation

the company is a rising star in China's profile industry, and is making steady progress towards high-end, green and intelligent. Its long-term goal is to build a professional industrial park with door and window manufacturing as the core by 2030, so as to make a greater contribution to the development of China's profile to promote the development of doors and windows in the world

the company's annual output of 70000 tons of aluminum profile intelligent production line project, with a total investment of 500million, mainly constructs extrusion workshop, spraying workshop, thermal insulation threading production workshop, packaging workshop, with better printing quality and supporting facilities, and adopts the most advanced automatic production technology and intelligent vertical and horizontal spraying production lines, which will significantly improve the company's intelligent level and industry competitiveness

smart home system is leading the continuous innovation of life scenes. The company's battigedelberg door and window Technology Co., Ltd. is a Sino German joint venture. The intelligent lock product realizes "the key is in the door", which can remotely authorize the door to open, and the one-time password will automatically expire when it times out. It is safer and more intelligent. It can not only interact with the electronic cat's eye, monitor the door dynamics in real time, but also actively alarm and send information

in March this year, delberg window industry Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the company, officially merged Shenzhen zhuoyayun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. to launch a cloud smart home system. The system integrates intelligent lighting system, intelligent voice system, intelligent scene system, intelligent home appliance system, intelligent security system, intelligent door lock system, intelligent door and window system. Taking the residence as the platform, it uses the latest technologies such as network communication and audio and video technology to realize interconnection, build an efficient residential facilities and family schedule management system, and improve the safety, convenience, comfort and artistry of the home, Create an environment-friendly and energy-saving living environment

according to the introduction, Jiaozuo City has placed scientific and technological innovation in an important position, and has successively organized groups to investigate and study in other places, creating a strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the city; Guide enterprises to create smart factories and smart cars, and effectively improve the scientific and technological level and product competitiveness of enterprises

industrial parks are an important form of spatial agglomeration for regional economic development and industrial adjustment and upgrading. They shoulder a series of important missions, such as gathering innovative resources, cultivating emerging industries, and promoting urbanization. Our city attaches great importance to the construction of intelligent demonstration parks, adheres to the construction work as a new engine to accelerate the implementation of high-quality development of industrial clusters, and guides and supports enterprises to participate in intelligent construction from the aspects of policies, funds, talents, facilities, etc

Jiaozuo Jiyue nano material technology Co., Ltd. has independently developed carbon nanotube preparation technology and purification technology by CVD, which are mainly used in lithium-ion batteries, rubber, anti-corrosion coatings, military industry, aerospace and other fields, with a broad market prospect; Xingkai Electric Co., Ltd. developed the first "smart electricity cloud platform" management system in China to provide integrated operation and maintenance services for customers, and was recognized as a service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprise in Henan Province by the Provincial Department of industry and information technology... When digitalization and intelligence are fully integrated, scientific and technological innovation is continuously releasing new momentum for the high-quality development of our city

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