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Sichuan Science and technology service for forestry and grass achieved results

release date: Source: Sichuan Forestry and grassland Bureau

in March 2020, Sichuan Forestry and grassland Bureau issued the notice on strengthening the "three industries" project of scientific and technological support services for poverty alleviation to avoid guide rail deformation and strengthen forestry and grass Ecology (Chuan Lin Fa [2020] No. 8). Since then, the province has set off a boom in forestry and grass science and technology services, It has played a supporting and leading role in boosting poverty alleviation and the "three industries" project of forest and grass ecology

up to now, Sichuan Province has carried out more than 400 forest and grass-roots science and technology actions, carried out more than 1200 technical training sessions, trained 177000 people, including forest farmers, herdsmen and grass-roots cadres, distributed 400000 copies of technical materials, cultivated more than 3000 technical talents such as soil experts and Lin Xiucai, trained 57000 people from poor households and returnees, transformed and promoted 116 achievements, built 180 science and technology demonstration bases, 330 science and technology demonstration sites, and 180 demonstration villages, More than 1300 science and technology demonstration households were built, and all indicators exceeded the annual task

carry out scientific and technological support services according to local conditions in combination with industrial characteristics. In combination with the scientific and technological action of improving the quality and efficiency of woody oil, Guangzhou has built 23 demonstration sites jointly built by cities and counties, and its fruit bearing rate and output value have increased by more than 20 percentage points. Yibin City has carried out the "three rural" activities of forest and bamboo science and technology services through project research, technical training, technical guidance, base construction, strategic cooperation and other forms, transformed 3 scientific and technological achievements, and established 7 demonstration bases. Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture focused on science and technology to serve the ecological grassland industry, completed the governance of 15000 mu of degraded grassland, and invited experts from Sichuan Agricultural University and Sichuan Academy of grassland sciences to carry out technical training for grassland staff throughout the prefecture

scientific research institutions actively innovate working mechanisms and improve service effectiveness. Sichuan Academy of Forestry Sciences and Sichuan Academy of grassland Sciences give full play to the strength of scientific and technological talents, create a precise docking mode between scientific research institutions and local governments, and actively implement activities such as "poverty alleviation through science and technology", "three kinds of joint area talent support plan with the right hand holding the swing rod", "Kedan stock market is played by a wave of artificial bull market, and the special disability technology mission provides precise assistance to the grass-roots level according to the content of the press release"

in the next step, Sichuan Forestry and grass Bureau will continue to promote the "three industry project action of science and technology support and service for forestry and grass ecology", further innovate the service mode, create a service carrier platform, improve the evaluation mechanism of science and technology services, give full play to the demonstration, guidance and radiation driving role of science and technology, help effectively link poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, and help the majority of forestry farmers and herdsmen to move towards the road of science and technology efficiency and technology prosperity

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