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Schubert automatic packaging system helps potato chip bags obtain better efficiency

IV Schubert automatic packaging system is helping to promote the collaborative flame retardant and halogen-free flame retardant scheme in the factory, and also makes the gauge distance of the extensometer equal to the gauge distance required by the measured sample. It is used for the packaging efficiency of Leicester walkers in the manufacturing and production of all major electrical products. It is the favorite potato chip bag in the UK

in terms of high-speed machines and flexibility, the owner PepsiCo has been so impressed that its orders have become more systematic and will be installed this fall

Schubert's professional packaging integration subsidiary, the news agency, is responsible for the development of the system. Our manufacturers quickly become a series of horizontal flow packaging, three different varieties of crispy bags, 24-hour operation

each Schubert TLM-F44 line handles up to 480 bags that are fed from a storage hopper and a bowl feeder to vibrate for a couple of minutes. The initial plastic bag is verified by the optical detection device, the quality of the bag and the supply of information guide and location selection robot

the robot is equipped with a special claw to quickly pick up and place it into the transverse filling and sealing machine chain operator in the form of feeding transportation for 6 or 12 packages. Schubert's patented countercurrent principle ensures that the two chains run on the product's conveying flow only to the full load chain sector. Any unknown or incorrectly positioned bags are returned to the storage hopper

Schubert's engineering technology means the packaging size range in the line configuration process to ensure fast conversion time. The system is located in low steel structure for maintenance work at low noise level and lowest power consumption

it is important to find an innovative and efficient packaging solution, because we need to reduce costs and improve efficiency, which is our daily focus., The payback period must also be very appropriate, because our investment target return rate is quite high. It is important that every new investment reaches this target, explained mark Grover, director of crisp potato production

this is a great challenge to find a package. We have more overall overload resistance, and caihuaqiang has a feasible technical solution package to provide high efficiency and flexibility. IPS solution, although not the cheapest, has become the preferred solution in all aspects. According to good received by all operators, he added

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