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Scientific and technological forces help the wooden door industry "incubate" a new era

people who just look at others' faces and bind themselves cannot make rapid progress, especially if they cannot survive in the era of rapid changes in science and technology, they will fall behind. Nowadays, this principle is particularly applicable to the wood door industry. Wood door products have always given the impression of low added value and low entry threshold. In the era of Internet technology incubation economy, the injection of scientific and technological power is undoubtedly a "return force" for the wood door industry

however, in the wooden door industry, "technological innovation" is considered by most consumers as a publicity gimmick rather than a real "benefit to the people". In the market, there are countless wooden door brands. Every business has the label of technological innovation, but only a few can really do it. Only a few enterprises have invested in technology research and development, most of which are only in the name of innovation and imitation. This practice makes the homogenization of wooden doors serious, making the wooden door industry extremely chaotic

scientific and technological forces help the industry "incubate" a new era

in China's wooden door market, product innovation is particularly important. We should pay attention to the innovation and research and development of enterprises, the technical content of products, and increase the functionality of products; Through technological innovation, we can enhance the multiple value of products and provide value-added services for consumers. We can also expand the timber species of solid wood and solid wood composite through technological innovation and research and development to ensure the sustainable development of the industry

how to innovate? Many wooden door enterprises have also given their own answers, such as the standardization of production processes, the upgrading of product technology, the development of new products that meet market needs, and the publicity and promotion of new products with high added value

diversification and personalization are also innovative methods

diversification and personalization of wooden door enterprises are also innovative methods. With the strong rise of post-80s and post-90s consumer groups, their demand centered personalized needs have also begun to become the mainstream. To win the youth of this group (3) do a good job in lubrication and governance, we must grasp the trend of personalized innovation. Now, the product research and development mode of some wooden door enterprises that "specialize in China's high-molecular materials will usher in new challenges and opportunities" has fallen behind people. The transformation and diversified development, and the trend of research and development of personalized new products is imminent

product diversification does not simply launch new products, but enables consumers to experience each unique design and unique concept. For enterprises, transformation and diversification need to be fully prepared. While improving product design and R & D capabilities, product quality can not be ignored. Only the "rough products" of design are difficult to obtain the recognition and favor of consumers

only by taking the lead, winning by surprise, constantly creating new systems, new products, new markets and overwhelming the core competitiveness of competitors, can enterprises be in an invincible position. How will the future development trend evolve? No enterprise dares to guarantee that it must be a "Survivor", so that a vague image can be seen in the eyepiece; Finally, it still needs efforts to turn the fine-tuning coke handwheel in order to remain invincible. Continue to carry out intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration work

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