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On March 30, 2015, RIGAKU and Agilent announced an agreement that science, a privately held scientific instrument company headquartered in Tokyo, acquired Agilent's X-ray diffraction (XRD) business

the predecessor of X-ray diffraction business is Varian's Oxford diffraction. Varian was acquired by Agilent in 2010. This XRD recommended to apply for the first major technical equipment certification project in Fujian Province in 2018. One business is a key manufacturer of single crystal X-ray instruments in the global chemical crystal market

"the acquisition of Agilent's X-ray diffraction business represents a significant step in our expansion of single crystal X-ray business," Hikaru Shimura, President and CEO of science, pointed out, "through the combination of Agilent's XRD business and science's expertise in protein factor 4: electromechanical crystallography, we will be able to provide world-class single crystal analysis solutions for current and future customers."

"this agreement represents a positive development of the XRD business," said Patrick Kaltenbach, President of Agilent life sciences and application market group. "I believe that complementary technology and expertise of science and a team of high-quality talents with professional knowledge will provide excellent support for the growth of the XRD business."

physics plans to integrate the XRD business and its existing crystallography business into a new business unit. XRD products will be produced in existing factories in Poland and Japan

according to local laws and customary transaction conditions, the transaction is expected to be completed on May 1st, 2015. At present, the financial terms have not been disclosed

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