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It is understood that the informatization of small and medium-sized enterprises, which is described by the industry as "heavy and exciting", often makes enterprises helpless due to the "threshold" problem. To this end, a set of CIIP solutions characterized by "outsourcing services" + "leasing and use" was officially launched at the "second CIIP SME Informatization Summit Forum" held a few days ago. Therefore, there are new ways to realize the informatization of small and medium-sized enterprises

according to a person from Shanghai small enterprise service center, the so-called CIIP solution, namely company+idc+internet=power, means that enterprises obtain a strong driving force for enterprise development by using application services on Internet platforms. The solution is jointly built by well-known domestic network equipment and service providers, telecom operators and software manufacturers. By integrating the industrial chain, it provides a service package with an optional menu, so as to reduce the "threshold" of informatization of small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of technology and cost

informatization of small and medium-sized enterprises is an attractive "gold mine". Data show that in 2003 alone, the total number of small enterprises in Shanghai reached 219600, accounting for 90.96% of the total number of legal person enterprises; There are 6.0394 million employees in small enterprises, with an operating income of 118.2327 billion yuan. However, the informatization construction of small and medium-sized enterprises is not satisfactory. In the past, the informatization construction of enterprises was completed by special IT technicians. In addition to the early hardware investment, it also needs to continuously carry out late investment such as employee salary, software update and training, which makes the informatization cost uncontrollable. At the same time, complex systems and high investment can not meet the most basic needs of enterprises, and the information construction that does not reflect the benefits has become a big burden for enterprises

in order to solve the above problems that perplex the informatization construction of small and medium-sized enterprises, CIIP solutions vigorously promote the concept of "overall outsourcing services". According to caihongyu, a member of CIIP alliance core Cheng Yidan and general manager of Beiji Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd. who was selected to match the query items, the CIIP solution is first customized on demand, and enterprises can choose the corresponding services according to their own needs; Secondly, CIIP implements the "lease" TNP series spring change fatigue testing machine, which is applicable to the fatigue performance testing and research methods of various springs (high strength, high stress, anisotropic parts, special materials), dynamic experiments of elastic components, normal temperature cycle life experiments and so on. The method of "monthly charge" is adopted. When enterprises are not satisfied with the service, they can interrupt the lease at any time, otherwise they can apply for more services at any time, Flexible leasing mode to dispel the concerns of enterprises; In addition, with the advantages of industrial chain integration, CIIP has brought low prices. "We can regard CIIP as the" virtual employee "of the enterprise, and the monthly salary of this virtual employee is about 2500 yuan", caihongyu said

at present, the CIIP solution is specially tailored for units whose surface roughness before electroplating has an impact on the quality of small and medium-sized metal surface after plating. It is suitable for units that have just started informatization, such as small and medium-sized enterprises, local commissions and offices, grass-roots institutions, scientific research institutions, primary and secondary schools, etc. Such units generally have a network of computers, which have no similar applications for the time being, and the budget and talents are subject to certain restrictions

in view of the "outsourcing service" + "leasing" service mode launched by CIIP, experts believe that customization brings service options to small and medium-sized enterprises, further reduces the cost of early investment, and makes the information construction cooperate with the overall development of enterprises; Leasing helps small and medium-sized enterprises avoid risks and brings greater flexibility to information construction, so that small and medium-sized enterprises have the initiative of information construction. (end)

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