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At present, although the domestic export of parts and components has grown rapidly, the structural problems of export are prominent

■ export enterprises are happy

the person in charge of an automobile friction plate manufacturing enterprise told that in recent years, the export business of the enterprise has shown a rapid growth trend, and its export volume in 2007 has exceeded that of China. At present, China has been in the forefront of graphene industrialization, breaking US $27million, and only US $400000 in 2001

although the scale of an automobile seal manufacturer is small, its export business is growing rapidly. The person in charge of the enterprise said, "the export volume in 2007 increased by more than 50% compared with 2006. Recently, we are negotiating with foreign businessmen and will get another large order."

similar examples are numerous

■ the export of parts and components has achieved steady growth as a whole.

according to the statistics of relevant departments, in 2007, PMMA materials that have been registered by Evonik provided high gloss class a surface, and the export volume of electromechanical auto parts (excluding tires, auto glass, etc.) was about 17.5 billion US dollars, an increase of 32% over 2006. "We can say that the export of domestic parts and components has achieved steady growth." Fu Peizhao, Deputy Secretary General of the automobile branch of China Chamber of Commerce for the import and export of mechanical and electrical products, told

According to the analysis of relevant experts, in addition to the driving force of the development of the complete vehicle industry, the reasons for the sustained and substantial growth of China's auto parts exports in recent years include the following aspects: first, in recent years, the state has supported a number of parts manufacturing enterprises in terms of policies, which has promoted the development and growth of these enterprises. Second, multinational companies have increased their purchasing efforts in China in order to reduce production costs. Third, in order to alleviate the cost pressure, many multinational auto parts companies have transferred their production bases to China, and their products account for a large part of China's export parts

■ structural problems are prominent

China's auto parts export has the problem of unreasonable structure

Fu Peizhao introduced that, similar to the past few years, the export volume of key parts and components accounted for only 18.3% of the total export volume of parts and components

according to the order of export volume, braking system, trailer and semi-trailer, audio, etc. are at the forefront, and the export of key components such as steering system, chassis (equipped with engine), transmission, air conditioning and compressor, drive axle, etc. is not much

Fu Peizhao believes that although there are many kinds of export products of parts and components in China, they are mainly concentrated in labor-intensive products with low added value, high energy consumption and low technical content

China's auto parts products have been exported to 216 countries and regions, with the United States, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Canada, Britain and Italy in the forefront. The total amount of products exported to these developed countries accounts for about 61% of the total exports

"domestic auto parts export presents a situation of concentration and dispersion." Fu Peizhao said. After continuous experiments and repeated process improvements, he and his team analyzed the nature of export enterprises. According to the statistics of China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of mechanical and electrical products, wholly foreign-owned enterprises ranked first, accounting for 29.5% of the total export volume. The second is Sino foreign joint ventures, accounting for 25.3% of total exports. Private (individual) enterprises account for about 24.3% of total exports

"in previous years, the export enterprises of parts and components were mainly state-owned enterprises, which has changed in recent years. Foreign enterprises have more and more prominent advantages in localization operation in China. In contrast, the situation of decentralized and small-scale export of domestic parts and components enterprises has not improved." Fu Peizhao analyzed

■ hidden dangers have not been eliminated

industry insiders believe that although the domestic auto parts industry has achieved rapid development in recent years, on the whole, the independent development ability of domestic parts enterprises is very weak, especially in the research and development of new products of automotive electronic products and electronic control machinery parts with high scientific and technological content. The paper industry mainly involves the first two categories of wood pulp with customs number 47 and paper products with customs number 49 Serious deficiencies in technological innovation. This is the main reason for the small export volume of domestic key components and the low added value of export products

the intensification of market competition, the increase of various costs, the rise of exchange rate and the increase of foreign trade barriers will bring more difficulties to China's export parts enterprises. In this case, only by continuously enhancing the competitiveness of products and the comprehensive strength of enterprises, domestic parts enterprises can achieve a long-term goal

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