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Analysis and Research on packaging material recycling and measurement standards

different countries have taken different countermeasures. The differences in these countermeasures are partly due to the different characteristics of government regulations, and partly due to the great differences in the degree of recycling and reuse between industry and users

the concept of packaging material recycling

in all highly developed countries, recycling and reuse is an important problem currently facing, because solid waste is increasing and the population is becoming more and more concentrated in big cities. Different countries adopt different countermeasures. The differences in these countermeasures are partly due to the different characteristics of government regulations, and partly due to the great differences in the degree of recycling and reuse between industry and users. In developed countries, it is very important. 3. The gauge length measurement system adopts Taiwan's high-precision large deformation extended measurement device, depending on the recycling of packaging waste. For example, in the United States, various organizations and institutions come forward to work. Many social organizations reduce solid waste and promote recycling and reuse through strict bans, deposits, surcharges or tax credits. Many urban centers are planning to cancel waste disposal sites and consider adopting expensive long-distance transportation methods for packaging and recycling

packaging material recycling refers to all activities of collecting post use packaging or post use packaging materials when they are about to or have entered the waste bin or garbage dump. These packaging and packaging materials are collected and sent to special places for valuable treatment and processing

the significance of packaging material recycling

the significance of packaging material recycling is great, which is mainly manifested in reducing pollution and saving resources and energy, including material recycling, effective recycling and non effective recycling

the recycling of packaging materials is always combined with treatment and utilization

1 Energy saving (energy saving)

recycling of packaging can save energy. The amount of energy saved depends on the energy consumed in production and the type of materials to be recycled. The following table shows the energy consumption per 1000 grams of packaging materials produced with raw materials. The table almost provides the data of typical materials used in packaging

the ratio of recycling and production energy consumption of several commonly used packaging materials is listed

(1) recycling and energy saving of aluminum materials for packaging

aluminum production is the final energy consuming packaging material, and the recycling of aluminum packaging materials is the most valuable. The recycling of aluminum packaging materials can save a lot of energy. Research shows that recycling aluminum can save 95% of the energy used to produce aluminum from bauxite

(2) recycling and energy saving of steel and glass packaging materials

steel and glass materials are the material varieties whose consumption is second only to that of paper and plastic packaging materials. Because of its large consumption ratio, recycling and energy saving are also prominent. Research shows that recycling steel and glass waste will save about 50% of the energy required to produce these two products from raw ore and quartz sand

(3) recycling and energy saving of plastic packaging materials

plastic materials are the packaging materials with the fastest development and application speed. Due to its complex packaging form, the recycling proportion is relatively low

the recycling of plastic waste after packaging can also save energy, and the amount saved depends on the recycling method used. Using plastic waste to make parts or packaging containers can save 85% - 96% of the energy required to make plastic from pure resin. Although simply burning plastic waste can also save energy, the energy saved by recycling and reuse is twice that of incineration. For example, 45.4 kg of high density polyethylene (HDPE) has a combustion value of 19000 joules, but recycling and reuse can save 38000 joules of energy

in addition, some other packaging materials also have recycling value, and their energy saving is also obvious, such as wood packaging materials, ceramic packaging materials, etc. Only because of its low environmental pollution and high recovery cost, it has not been well recovered

2. Save resources

it is an indisputable fact that the recycling of packaging materials can save valuable resources. Many purposes of recycling lie in utilization. The packaging value obtained by recycling and reusing many packaging materials is not different from that produced by using original materials. With the development of sensor technology, or adding a small amount of original materials can improve its value (such as strength, toughness, etc.). Because of this, it makes profit-making operators to recycle packaging materials

packaging material recycling lies in utilization and environmental maintenance. The recovered metal is almost the same as the original metal, so it has the same use value. Recycled plastics and paper are generally a little less valuable than the original materials, because the quality will be reduced in the recycling process, but recycled plastics and paper are still very useful and cheap. In addition to the above functions, the recycling of packaging waste can also avoid causing environmental chaos. This is another reason for recycling

comparison of two recycling systems

1 The recycling system of government behavior

this system is led by government departments to establish corresponding institutions and designate them to specialize in the recycling of packaging waste, such as China's environmental sanitation institutions and waste material recycling companies. The recycling system of government behavior has the function of exercising government functions and powers, and has the dual identity of management and operation

2. The recycling system of market behavior

this recycling system is completely determined by the market law, and its operation is mainly for the purpose of value and benefit. Their recycling varieties are selective, and the selectable recycling varieties are closely related to the changes in market prices. For example, many spontaneously formed waste recycling enterprises and waste recycling self-employed operators in China belong to this category. Compared with the government behavior, the recycling system has more vitality, because it appears that enterprises are about to scrap or restructure into short spring plates, which is in line with international norms, but relevant management departments need to establish and improve relevant recycling management regulations to make it have both social and economic benefits

The recycling system of government behavior is a semi official institution with government functions. Restricted by many factors, it shows surprise and passivity, that is, the recovery efficiency and effect are relatively good during inspection or evaluation, but relatively poor at ordinary times. Finally, the recycling of packaging waste will enter the market and be realized through economic leverage and market network

measure of successful recovery

1 Society's response to packaging waste

society does not care about the treatment of waste generated in the production of packaging materials, because these wastes are relatively homogeneous, and manufacturers are easy to recycle them. However, the society is concerned about the packaging waste after consumption. Recycling the waste after consumption includes the following steps: collection, reprocessing, making products for sale, and selling after making all or part of the recycled materials into products. The impact of these finished products on the body and mind of consumers when they are packaged is also of concern to the society

2. Measurement standard

the measurement standard of the success of recycling packaging waste (packaging waste), that is, the conditions for the survival and development of a packaging waste recycling enterprise. In addition to the compensation and tax incentives that the government may provide, the survival of recycling enterprises must also generate economic benefits through the operation of recycling

there are four criteria to measure whether the recycling of packaging waste is successful or whether the recycling enterprise can survive:

(1) there are continuous sources of packaging waste

(2) feasible recovery and reprocessing

(3) the products reproduced from waste have uses and markets

(4) it has good economic benefits

failure will result if any of the above four criteria is not met. Factors affecting economic benefits include the convenience of collection and the cost of treatment methods. It's just that the sales price of waste processed products fluctuates, and recycling efforts sometimes fail. This is because the price of recycled waste and reprocessed products has fallen, so that the economy of recycling has shifted from benefit to loss

source: China Packaging News

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