Overall design of double redundancy electric brake

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Aircraft dual redundancy all electric brake drive control this project is an environmental friendly renewable resource utilization project supported by the state and local governments. In order to improve the reliability of aircraft brake system, dual redundancy all electric brake drive controller is designed by using redundancy technology. Taking the brake actuator with dual redundancy brushless current motor as the core as the controlled object, the current sharing strategy is adopted to control the accuracy of domestic experimental machines. At present, two control strategies of level 1 and level 0.5 are widely used to complete the software and hardware design of the drive controller. Using malab/Simulink, the double redundancy brushless DC motor body and the whole system are simulated and verified after opening the oil return valve. The simulation results and experimental results show that the brake pressure well tracks the given pressure, the two redundant windings of the motor achieve current balance, and the whole system has small overtraining, high steady-state accuracy and excellent performance

with the increasing research of all electric aircraft technology, as one of the key technologies of all electric aircraft, it is a general trend for all electric brakes to replace the traditional hydraulic brakes. In recent years, scholars at home and abroad have done a lot of research on this. In the literature, the brake actuator adopts brushless DC motor, which has achieved good braking performance. However, the aircraft braking process has great interference and poor working environment, and the failure rate of all electric brake drive controller is relatively high. In order to improve the reliability of the aircraft braking system and ensure the safety of the aircraft. 2. The main engine adopts imported servo electromechanical and servo speed regulation system, ball screw. In this paper, the dual redundancy brushless DC motor is used as the actuator body, and the redundancy technology is used to design the aircraft dual redundancy all electric brake drive controller. Chongqing Gree air conditioner

in order to improve the reliability of aircraft braking system, this paper adopts redundancy design for brushless DC motor winding, Hall sensor, pressure sensor, driving main circuit, driving power supply and control power supply. The overall design of the drive controller is shown in Figure 1. In the braking system, the drive controller is powered by two independent DC 28 V control power supplies and two independent DC 270 V drive power supplies. It receives the given brake pressure signal and the two-way brake pressure feedback signals fed back by the dual redundancy pressure sensor, and inputs them into the control circuit through the signal conditioning circuit. The control circuit adopts the control strategies of pressure tracking and redundancy management, and controls the two windings of the double redundancy brushless DC motor through two electrically isolated drive main circuits

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