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Project construction organization design overall construction safety technical measures

when the project management department prepares the construction organization design (construction scheme), two thirds of the enterprises will be forced to withdraw. According to the specific conditions of construction characteristics, labor organization and working environment, targeted safety technical measures must be prepared. Main contents of safety technical measures:

① construction layout plan: arrange the roads, waterways, electrical line erection and stacking of materials, components and accessories, temporary and auxiliary facilities, so as to achieve civilized construction and safe production

② pits, wells, ditches, various holes, inflammable and explosive electroplating processes on the construction site can undoubtedly change the texture and performance of metal. Fences or cover plates and safety signs should be set around the places and transformers, red lights should be set at night, the site is narrow, and temporary traffic commands should be set at places where pedestrians come and go and where transportation is frequent

③ carpentry carts, so as to reduce the room brought by their production to the environment, warehouses for storing inflammable and explosive equipment and asphalt boiling sites, should be equipped with fire prevention facilities and fire-fighting equipment. ④ Scaffolds (including scaffold boards, skirting boards, ramps, etc.) and safe erection must meet the specified requirements. After erection, they can be delivered for use only after being inspected and accepted by the project leader and safety officer

⑤ do a good job of safety protection facilities for four entrances and five adjacent edges. Fences and cover plates must be set at the stair entrances (elevator entrances), passage entrances, reserved openings and material elevator entrances of the projects under construction. Safety fences or safety barriers must be set at the edge of the balcony, around the roof, around the frame floor, and on both sides of the runway and unloading platform

⑥ all vertical cross operations and passages and entrances on the outer side of the project must be set up with protective sheds and isolated and closed outside the frame

⑦ select hoisting machinery according to the engineering structure, determine the hoisting route and the stacking position of components, and ensure the smoothness and safety of the site; In case of high-voltage wires, power cut operation shall be considered. When power cut cannot be carried out, isolation and protection measures must be taken

⑧ according to the seasonal characteristics, it is necessary to prevent temperature drop, gas poisoning and food poisoning in summer. In winter, it is necessary to prevent skid and freeze. In rainy seasons and typhoons, it is necessary to prevent slipping and collapse. In case of strong winds above grade 6, open-air operations should be stopped

⑨ corresponding safety measures must be taken when using new structures, new processes, new materials and new equipment

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