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On September, 2006, the 10th label exhibition of the United States appeared in Chicago, welcoming about 13256 visitors from 88 countries. Compared with the exhibition in 2004, the number of visitors increased by 6 percentage points. More than 450 top businesses in the label industry participated, sold new machines and demonstrated the application of new technologies and materials. The industry is changing rapidly, the exhibition scale is expanding, and the enhancement of influence reflects the potential for the continued growth of the label industry

about 20% of the visitors to the exhibition came from outside the United States, including large visiting groups from Mexico, Brussels, China, Japan, Germany, Denmark, Italy and the United Kingdom. The number of visitors from Latin America increased by 23%, and the surge in visitors also reflects the rapid growth of the label industry in the region

this exhibition provides a global platform for suppliers to launch new equipment. The new machines put on the market include those from mark. First, the steel bar brand has cancelled the new equipment launched by HRB335 andy/comco, Aquaflex and nilmeter. In addition, the new technologies of codimag in France and international companies such as Omet and GIDUE headquartered in Italy also appeared in the North American label market. Edale, a UK based printer manufacturer, introduced their new US operating system at the exhibition. Many manufacturers showed their latest digital printing equipment, indicating a significant growth trend in the field of digital printing. In addition, many manufacturers also exhibited their latest rfid/smart smart smart tag solutions

conference plan

by cooperating with exhibition partner TLMI, the exhibition also held an in-depth seminar to provide visitors with the opportunity to listen to the latest development trend of the global label industry. Since the last exhibition, the number of delegations attending the conference has increased by 61%. The focus of the conference plan includes a number of international conference panel discussions, mainly on the global label industry, digital printing, servo technology and prepress process. Famous bags improve the energy utilization efficiency of plastic granulator process and prevent and control environmental pollution are complementary. Packaging designer Karim Rashid focused on the importance of packaging and label design in today's consumer market on the first day of the conference. On the last day of the meeting, rfid/smart intelligent technology experts, such as Mike meranda, President of EPCglobal us, Dave Edwards, technical director of Avery Dennison, and Andrew grace, director of RFID Business Department of George Schmitt Co., Ltd., attended the meeting and delivered speeches

scott Pillsbury, chairman of TLMI board of directors commented, "the American label group participated in the exhibition again and performed well, which is worthy of congratulations. All our members, like suppliers and exhibitors, are very satisfied with the effect of this exhibition. Exhibitors have the opportunity to see the application of the latest technology in the industry, and suppliers have collected thousands of purchase intentions. In a word, another excellent!"

John Hickey, chairman of TLMI e-commerce department, added, "American label exhibition has been playing the role of providing the latest equipment, materials, supplies and technology since its establishment for more than 20 years. Moreover, as an exhibitor of the exhibition, seeing all new technologies and equipment at the same time in the same place, anyone interested in improving their business will not miss the exhibition, and of course I will not!"

global label industry award:

the Exhibition hosted the world-renowned label industry award, which was attended by more than 600 people. The winners include:

Jerry Palmer, channel manager in North America of DuPont, who won the label industry continuous innovation award. The organizers of the award include labels and labels, labels and narrow width printing, and narrow width rotation technology

Ian hole, director of market development department of Esko, won the industrial innovation award, which was founded by Eric hoendervangers, director of MPS management

Suzanne zaccone, President of international image solutions, won the smart label manufacturing award, which was sponsored by Ewald draaijer, marketing director of XSYS printing solutions

calvin frost, CEO of the channeled resources group, won the R. Stanton avery Lifetime Achievement Award. The award was founded by Dean Scarborough, CEO and President of Avery Dennison. Dean Scarborough will attend the award ceremony. The list of winners will be announced by Lars Eriksen, President of Nilpeter, who won the award in 2005

American label exhibition also launched a report, mainly analyzing the North American label market. Mike Fairley, President of strategic development of global label exhibition system, disclosed the main results of this survey at the press conference, and emphasized the great development of flexo, UV flexo and digital printing in the North American market. The survey also focuses on the impact of globalization. The response of main viscoplastic materials to stress is like a group of elastic solids and viscous fluids. Models below 10kN are rarely combined. The opportunity for the North American label industry to turn to emerging markets is analyzed. Further surveys and market reports are expected to be published at the end of this year and early 2007

Roger Pellow, marketing director of label exhibition, said, "I am very satisfied with the quality of the visitors to this exhibition. The improvement of the investment environment in the United States is conducive to equipment sales. This year is the 10th American Labelexpo event. We are glad to see the increasing internationalization of the exhibition and the increasing number of visitors from all over the world, especially the arrival of many new visitors from Asia and Latin America, the introduction of new products, and the understanding of new trends. I think the award ceremony is also a feast for people in the industry to gather and exchange, We are looking forward to meeting again with friends and colleagues in the industry in Chicago in 2008. "

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