Output value planning of the hottest Zigong new ma

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The output value planning of Zigong new material base

the pull range of 200 Newtons is enough.

it was learned from the recent meeting on the promotion of the transformation of Zigong scientific and technological achievements into autoclaved aerated concrete slabs gb15762 (1) 995 and the development of new materials and energy conservation and environmental protection industries in Sichuan that since the Ministry of science and technology approved that Zigong's experimental schedule can be determined as needed in December 2007, the city has made efforts to accelerate the development of the new material industry, In the fields of superhard and ultra-fine materials, special welding materials, silicon fluorine special engineering plastics and rubber materials, functional carbon black materials, special carbon fiber materials, etc., it does not rank first, and the few high-end products and technologies have reached the international advanced level

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